• whenever I get unfollowed I wonder which post was the last straw mine i just got unfollowed cry cry cry can-i-touch-ur-butt-since-i •

whenever I get unfollowed I wonder which post was the last straw

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* klaine Darren Criss chris colfer edit: mine I'm just bored doN'T MIND ME these pretty angels are going to be back soon do you cry i cry
louis tomlinson One Direction mine 1D he's just soo precious i want to cry omfg
gif Demi Lovato mine i got the error message like ten times i was about to cry
i don’t understand people that have never cried over football
game of thrones Sansa Stark Tyrion Lannister *mine* I cry got spoilers *1k *500 gotedit gotsansastark gottyrionlannister i did not ask for this
spoilers game of thrones Jaime Lannister got spoilers game of thrones spoilers do you ever cry i laugh but it's to not cry
mine tom hiddleston loki frigga Loki feels rene russo thor the dark world i thought it would be a good idea but now i just want to cry
gif 1k mine television breaking bad Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul bb* Krysten Ritter jesse x jane i wanna just sit here and cry
mine Ewan McGregor moulin rouge moulin rouge! can i just cry forever this man is too perfect for this world
gif 1k mine charlie mcdonnell charlie charlieissocoollike i'm scared now i eat and cry rather than sit around and cry video: i'm scared
mine vg Far Cry far cry 3 gamediting Far cry 4 pagan min *far cry i didn't want this to have a white bg but the text shadow looked weird with the transparent one so