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mine i love you reblog cute messages hello 2015 Goodbye 2014

Everybody that reblogs this will get their URL put in a jar and I will draw 7 URL’s each week and shout them out as well as send them a cute little message!

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mine i love you reblog cute messages hello 2015 Goodbye 2014
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1k Typography creations typo happy new year grid mytypo creations** palstelnet hello 2015 Goodbye 2014 okay time to answer messages!! i hope 2015 will be better for all of us
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I want to be the 7 am forehead kisses, the 9 am cuddles, the 10 am breakfasts. I want to be the 12 pm out to lunch and the 1 pm hu...
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You know I love to be right, but oh God I wish you had proved me wrong when I said you’d leave me one day
Words can’t describe the ache that runs through my body when im missing you
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