• mine im not so sad rn cynicallys •
mine im not so sad rn

my mum knew i was sad so she went out and when she came back inside she called me up to her room and showed me this

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mine im not so sad rn
@zayn :((((
im really sad rn and nithing is cheering me up im so lame and so cold
All I can do is apologize for not being enough
poking fun at people who want attention is really fucking debilitating because 99% of the time you’re talking about people who don’t have good homes and don’t have people paying attention to them on a regular basis. 99% of the time you’re making fun of mentally ill people who feel ...
mine ed sheeran Teddy Sheeran ededit im literally in tears rn ONE IS SO BEAUTIFUL
  • me:*never studies*
  • me:what the FUCK srsly like who the fuck is making these exams we never even went over this its like they makin us fail on PURPOSE the school system is so fucked up smh......
love mine quote Black and White sad words lyrics writing nature Band miss you poetry poem blog pale omfg this is so true rn like i miss my old friend a lot and we're just not close anymore
willow smith is 10 and she’s worth $4 million i’m fifteen and i’m worth a piece of confetti at the olympics 
when you see someone post a stupid fucking opinion but you don’t wanna start nothing
edit: harry im working with a different monitor and not my own psd rn so i dont know how this acutally ~looks?
  • Me:watches Netflix & blogs*
  • Me:remembers homework, tests, & responsibilities*
  • Me:stressfully watches Netflix & blogs*