• mine Kris kris is me i am kris sehwun •
mine Kris kris is me i am kris

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mine Kris kris is me i am kris
mine Kris my:gif wu yifan god what am i even doing reaction kris bitchface kris
mine exo exo m Kris krisgif
1k otp exo tao exo m g Kris zitao taoris gif:otp kris is everyone LOL tao's so fit
trying to distract myself from this Krisis but EXO used to be my distraction from sad shit so like do you see my problem hereĀ 
dark exo digital art Kris kpop fanart exo fanart kris fanart K-pop Fanart
Thank you Kris
for enduring 5 years of training in a foreign country for never forgetting to thank the fans in Korean, Chinese, and English for reminding everyone that "there are four Chinese members" for "roll like a buffalo" for "nae style aniya" for being the best leader you could be in EXO-M for always being k...
exo m Luhan Kris krislu krishan my opt is so angsty i am a delusional fangirl
MY EDIT lmao exo Kris chicken is not my style why am i doing this??
1k my gifs exo 2k exo m Kris exomgifs krisgif kris gifs krisabc I think I am falling in love again this dork will be death of me kris fave
exo exo m Kris exo fanart EXO Kris kris wu Kiss me darling kris fanart this is lay I think I tag it as Lay why came out lulu
people i like way too much
kris wu wu yifan wufan benben kevin li li jiaheng kevin wu