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mine Love Actually *gifs over 1k movieedit filmedit
mine lou im actually ugly sobbing
when u just finished makin out and u think ur done but then he whips it out
Not sure if im just too picky, but barely anyone makes me actually WANT to talk to them anymore
1k mine *** 2k john tavares shea weber pk subban john scott long post dylan larkin asg 2016 i have yet to decide if i actually care abt all this
my teachers when everyone comes back from break
mine bts over 1k Bangtan suga yoongi jungkook
mine gillian anderson The X Files David Duchovny mine: gifset txfedit mine: txf Gillovny txf revival it's lateeee hence memes ok i'm done now i swear also it's actually 2am i must sleep
  • 1:when you have cereal, do you have more milk than cereal or more cereal than milk?
  • 2:do you like the feeling of cold air on your cheeks on a wintery day?
  • 3:what random objects do you use to bookmark your books?
  • 4:how do you take your coffee/tea?
  • 5:are you self-conscious of your smile?
  • 6:do you keep plants?
  • 7:do you name your plants?
  • 8:what artistic medium do you use to express your feelings?
  • ...
mine bts stop this jimin Bangtan suga rap monster jhope actually don't yoonmin networkbangtan c:gif2 ur fighting like a married couple
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