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  • Espresso:Describe your usual morning routine.
  • Decaf:Impersonate one of your friends.
  • Macchiato:Name two things you think go well together and why.
  • Latte:List three aspects of your personality that you love.
  • Flat White:Confess the most recent crime you committed.
  • Iced:Make the weirdest face you can.
  • Cappuccino:Describe your ideal wedding.
  • Drip:Post a photo of a stuffed animal you own.
  • Mocha:Name one of your guilty pleasures.
  • Doppio:List two of your dream travel locations and why.
  • Black:Recall the worst insult you've ever received.
  • Americano:Post a photo of your favorite outfit.
  • Kopi:Describe an incident when you tried something new.

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Munday-questions "How do you rp" edition
Send me a symbol for a question to the mun:◊: Do you bing-reply or prefer reply-queueing?●: Which time of the day, do you rp best?☺: Do you prefer memes, or plots?☻: Which genres do you find the easiest to play? (angst, fluff, smut, etc.)☼: Which tropes do you find overused/boring?♀: What is an AU, ...
  • To Kill a Mockingbird:What is your favorite childhood memory?
  • Heart of Darkness:Where would you love to travel?
  • Little Women:Do you have siblings? If so, how do you get along with them?
  • And Then There Were None:What's the worst thing you've ever done and gotten away with?
  • 1984:Do you keep your online life separate from your real life?
  • The Great Gatsby:Do you consider yourself materialistic?
  • The Catcher in the Rye:How do you like to spend your free time?
  • Moby Dick:What is one thing you've always wanted to achieve, but never could?
  • ...
  • ☯ Is there a muse you've always wanted to play?
  • ♣ Is there an author(s) that you look up to with your writing skills?
  • ♧ Is there an RP partner(s) that you credit for becoming a better writer?
  • ♥ What's your favorite ship with your muse?
  • ♡ Would you ever write a poly ship?
  • ♦ What's an AU that you've always wanted?
  • ♢ What's an AU that you think just won't work with your muse?
  • ♔ What's your opinion on teacher/student verses? Do you have any of these as threads?
  • ...
muse-related munday memes
some of these may not apply to everyone! ☯ - which muse are you not active anymore on but wish you were? ☮ - if you could take on the appearance of your muse would you? ♧ - what fandom do you really want to join in the rp community? ♢ - how many muses do you have? ♔ - list all of your muses, ac...
Character Development Questions
Send me one or more and I'll answer these in depth questions What’s an important lesson your muse has learned over the past few years and how has that changed the way they live? How does the time your muse lives in influence their lifestyle? Are they happy they’re born in their time, or do they fant...
Munday Questions: Reblog as Text
? How long have you been RPing? ? How long have you been RPing this character? ? Who was your first muse? ? What drew you to this muse? ? Is there anything you don’t like about playing this muse? ? What is the easiest aspect of playing this muse? ? What is the most challenging aspect of pl...
Your muse finds my muse curled up on the bed, crying. Send me  a number between 1-35 and I will generate a response. You can send ‘Hush’ for a a randomized response. "I failed." "I lost the baby." "She/he died." "We broke up." "I was mugged." "There was so much blood." "Everything is ...
Difficult Questions for Muses
(Please remember to use trigger warnings as and when necessary)Do you think that you’re a good person?Do others like you? Do you want others to like you?What do you think others like or admire about you?How do you know when you’re in love? (romantic or platonic)Would you or have you ever...
Mun-Directed Questions About Roleplaying!
Torment my muse with questions. About their past, about their regrets, their unanswered hopes. Make ...
Deep Ass Sentence Starters
“When you think about people who have died, do you picture them anywhere?”“Sometimes it freaks me out that everyone around me has a life as complex and real as my own.”“Do you sometimes suddenly hear your own heartbeat and feel sick because… What if it suddenly stops or something?”“I so...
Who do you ship my muse with?
Optional: Say why