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  • Espresso:Describe your usual morning routine.
  • Decaf:Impersonate one of your friends.
  • Macchiato:Name two things you think go well together and why.
  • Latte:List three aspects of your personality that you love.
  • Flat White:Confess the most recent crime you committed.
  • Iced:Make the weirdest face you can.
  • Cappuccino:Describe your ideal wedding.
  • Drip:Post a photo of a stuffed animal you own.
  • Mocha:Name one of your guilty pleasures.
  • Doppio:List two of your dream travel locations and why.
  • Black:Recall the worst insult you've ever received.
  • Americano:Post a photo of your favorite outfit.
  • Kopi:Describe an incident when you tried something new.

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Give me the RP-er test. Try and see if I know my character.
Explain your character’s personality. What would your character do if he/she witnessed the death of their most loved? If your character is from a different world/time period, explain their personalities if they where placed in this world. What do you think your character likes to eat the most?...
send me (? ???) if your muse has feelings for mine
Your muse has just witnessed mine waking up from a nightmare and promptly bursting into tears. How d...
Your muse walks in on mine while masturbating, how does yours react?
My muse is in the next room, moaning your muse's name. What does your muse do?
My muse agrees to be completely honest and spare no details for one of your muse's curiosities, but ...
Message me who you ship my muse most with, and my muse will respond.
Send your muse's reaction to finding mine passed out on the floor
My favorite thing about them My least favorite thing about them Do I find them attractive? Are we friends? Would I date them? Would I marry them?  Would I have children with them? Would I die for them? 
Send me a symbol to recieve one of the following from my muse
Send ? for a morning text Send ? for an angry voice mail Send  ? for a prank call Send ? for an emotional voice mail  Send ? for a vague voice mailSend ? for a confession(voicemail of text, specify.) Send ? for a worried text Send ? for a text not meant for you Send ? for a text that should have be...
I would like to do a head count. Please reblog if you are an active RPer on tumblr.
My muse has just awakened from a coma and cannot remember anything about their life prior to their c...