• mine misc tom hiddleston hiddles hiddlestoners he still looks cute tho so grainy but it was so dim so i had to lighten as much as possible hiddlesblog •

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tom hiddleston tom hiddles the gifs were too big so I had to make them b&w the coloring was pretty tho!
my edits my gifs mine tom hiddleston hiddles anyway hiddleston hiddlesedit cheers-mrhiddleston I've been wanting to do this for a very long time his neck vein is amazing finding good pictures and moments on video of his protruding neck vein turned out harder than i expected it to sorry to all those to who this is a bit of an anticlimax haha i probably shouldn't have hyped this post so much as it really isn't that special but i had fun with it xD
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my gifs tom tom hiddleston i just had to hiddles hiddleston hiddlestoners Thomas William Hiddleston X) tom hiddleston gifs signing autographs you might enjoy these ones a bit more i can't stop laughing at this sorry for the crappy quality guys i'm sorry x) so much concern so much much worry in his face x)
tom hiddleston whatever he still looks good
photoset 1k MY EDIT candid tom hiddleston hiddles edittom w/fans
minho Dylan O'Brien thomas the maze runner maze runner tmr psst Ki Hong Lee tmredit The leader tmr edit thominho thomas x minho minho x thomas ki hong lyca alters here's another edit i like this one and the texture on the photos it looks sorta grainy i love thominho so much it's getting ridiculous the real leader
my gifs gorgeous interviews tom hiddleston actor i can't hiddles hiddleston hiddlestoners i'm dead inside hiddlestoner Thomas Hiddleston tom hiddleston gif you might enjoy these ones a bit more he's just too perfect on this he's so damn handsome the guy plays the guitar and sings these 3 gifsets took me so long to upload and organise yes you read it right there are 2 more gifsets of this
Chris Evans loki thor 2 tom  hiddleston i feel really bad for making this bc the contrast is so great i'm sorry i can't remember who requested this but here it is :) i don't think chris could get as close to thor as tom did bc they had to edit tom out but its still hilarious how creepily close tom gets to him in comparison
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quote perfect gorgeous tom tom hiddleston beard edited by me hiddlestoners aaaaaaarg you're so beautiful it hurts me hiddleston quote
tom hiddleston hiddles twhiddleston hiddlestoners Thomas Hiddleston ivanov i know i'm a voice blog but I was looking thru my hiddles folder and had to post