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There’s two kinds of courage. The courage to die and the courage to live

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There’s two kinds of courage. The courage to die and the courage to live
kisses mine Emma Watson logan lerman babies The Perks Of Being A Wallflower perks sam x charlie and it's my favorite quote from the movie
Work hard in silence and let your success be your noise
mygifs 1000plus spring awakening john gallagher jr samine but ugh 500plus moritz stiefel It's the Bitch of Living Bitch of Living this is where my title's from in case you didn't know but I have an unhealthy love for this song considering it's content
1k like ugh ~~ game of thrones stuff2 i idk man jon snow just or just games2 aryastarking JON SNOW GRAPHICS ALWAYS COME OUT OF NOWHERE LIKE I DON'T PLAN THIS SHIT IT JUST HAPPENS AND IT'S LIKE SHOULD I FIND A QUOTE? AND I CAN NEVER FIND ONE THAT ISN'T OVER USED i sort of love/hate this bc like idk anyway i picked one of the saddest jon snow quotes
LOL my stuff it's always sunny in philadelphia Danny DeVito Charlie Day Glenn Howerton charlie kelly dennis reynolds iasip frank reynolds idiots :') one of my favorite scenes from the entire series that hug is so adorable and idk I think it's all Charlie and Glenn there
gif LOL mine The Hunger Games ugh :B thgedit I TOOK SO LONG TO DO THIS AND THIS ISN'T EVEN THE GIFSET I SHOULD BE WORKING ON I'm sorry if it's out of time~ I tried my best a new style I just saw a tutorial and wanted to try so that means expect more from me also I feel another batch of wallpapers might be coming idk
my edits mine manga kuroshitsuji ciel phantomhive black butler ;musings ;my edits idk not from there but it's relevant to
mine* mass effect personal fave meedits 800* mineme* theon shepard LITERALLY MY FAVORITE QUOTE i was going to say my favorite renegade line but nAH SON IT'S MY FAVORITE QUOTE OVERALL renegade shepard is a lot to me
mine MY EDIT 1000plus Teen Wolf TW stiles stilinski lydia martin stydia martinski twedit ugh i fixed it tw: s03e18 i've been re-doing this over and over for the past like 2 or 3 hours it's like completely different to what I start off aiming to do and there are like 30 different versions saved idk i just liked this quote don't mind me effing up the quote -.- man i made this too many times ofc i stuffed it on the finally *hits self*
my stuff FFVII my soulmate ffgraphics reno of the turks rude of the turks i hope it looks good shinraweek and rude lol THIS ACTUALLY TOOK AGES TO DO UGH but these fuckers are so important to me they give me life is the quote/s weird idk i took it from otwtas the last b/w gif is bugging me