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Things Steven Moffat loves (based on my personal observation of his work): Throwing people we love off of buildings Lesbians Not-so-subtle Wholock crossovers Killing people but then not actually killing them Short sidekicks Making me afraid of completely ordinary inanimate objects that I cannot help...
Steven Moffat, who is the current man behind Doctor Who…the showrunner, the impressario, the God…has trained squads of Ninja Assassins. Prob...
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  • Writer:How do you think we should end Sherlock without ending Sherlock?
  • Moffat:Make him voluntarily jump off a roof, then find him alive in a graveyard.
  • Writer:How do you think we should end the Ponds without ending the Ponds?
  • Moffat:Make them voluntarily jump off a roof, then find them alive in a graveyard.
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make you love a character and then reveal she’s really a dalek? 
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So instead of giving us a season 3 of Sherlock, Moffat just writes in 5 minutes of Sherlock into a D...
Well played, Moffat. 
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