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greek gods

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i. athena dresses in cool, slick suits for office hours, and then after she clocks out, she beats her knuckles in on other people’s jawbones...
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  • aries:ares (determined, impulsive)
  • taurus:hephaestus (kind, peaceful, has a jealous side)
  • gemini:dionysus (fun, lighthearted, easily misunderstood)
  • cancer:artemis (friendly, protective, sensitive)
  • leo:zeus (regal, in control and strong)
  • virgo:poseidon (noble, critical, and moody)
  • libra:aphrodite (attractive without trying, has a seductive nature, vain)
  • scorpio:hera (majestic, vindictive)
  • ...
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  • zeus:*looks at woman*
  • hera:hoe don't do it
  • zeus:*gets woman pregnant*
  • hera:oh my god
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