• mine ok bye Jinyoung Mark i'm procrastinating ¬.¬ markjin i want jr to sit on me too and mark ur hand please i have other things to do but MARKJIN fuhhh jaksunshine •

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vriska serket my drawings my hand hurts too many layers and not enough motivated + I realized I have to change her eyes a bit for the complete gif but wow it took less time than i thought it was going to take and i'm pretty proud of it also thats a 'LET ME SEE Vriska i m gonnA DIE' drawing mY GURL im losing it also sorry its big sized post otherwise no ones gonna click to see the hq version hAHAHAHAhaha hm ok that wasnt a good idea im gonna put it back the other way
giveaway sherlock the hobbit bbc sherlock avengers whew this took forever to type
giveaway homestuck giveaway homestuck cosplay sweatshirt horns sweatshirt giveaway horns giveaway
sherlock martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch mark gatiss bbc sherlock whatever okay bye cabin pressure aumeme WAIT WHY AM I DOING THIS I HAVE TO GO TO BED file under: lizzy watches too much british television obnoxiously tagging but or in this case: listens to too much british radio thank you to everyone who sent me quotes :) this took me so long but i'm so proud of it okay
quotes cobie smulders robert downey jr The Avengers Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth mygraphics Jeremy Renner Samuel L. Jackson scarlett johansson maybe mark ruffalo Clark Gregg it happens *k so this has officially become a thing with the other things i wont to do at least 6 i could get distracted by other shiny things and change my mind
doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith David Tennant :( Tenth Doctor dr who mygraphics anyway *k All the Doctors ok scrap that will take too long and hey look i stole from my other who graphic i'm lazy like that was actually started at the same time as the other one but i got side tracked as i do and still no mickey at least you'll be able to tell it's mine without watermarking it i have a style
louis tomlinson 1k Harry Styles Zayn Malik Niall Horan boys mine larry 500 ok this must have been done already but i haven't seen it on my dash or even a link to the video and i'm bored so whatever also i'm pretty sure the joke is SUPPOSED to be what do VAMPIRES put on their christmas turkey and it's grave-y but he says zombie and i'm pretty sure harry says gravy?? UNLESS I'M DEAF WHICH IS POSSIBLE i love them but sometimes it's really hard to tell wtf is being said in interviews and stuff cause they all talk at once and i have to replay it like 2390583 times wow too many tags sorry
mine robert downey jr tom hiddleston The Avengers Chris Evans Jeremy Renner scarlett johansson mark ruffalo Tongues you are ridiculous creatures
sherlock writing author authors fanfic writers writing tips IGN doctor wo writers block fanfictions **stuff** writing block written at 4 am dont judge 99 ways
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my stuff stiles stilinski derek hale Sterek not love Now don't get me wrong They are nothing like the notebook but... at the same time they have developed some sort of crazy thing but this thing where they protect and save and put the other ahead of themselves even though the only thing between them up until a certain point really is scott... they don't necessarily KNOW one another and still they continue to do the insane and I think something they have in common not only knowing what it's like to loose someone- but they just have an understanding and I think they can read one another when it comes to the important things /adds to the list of things I post at 3 am so no one actually sees it (on purpose... there's more to the quote but I'm too lazy to go back and add it)
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