• mine ok this had to be done 500 damn because of reasons also this is too cute idk :D travis fimmel Historyvikings vikingsedit but I can't find it vikingshistory vkragnarlothbrok I'm pretty sure there is one more scene queen-of-ashes •

Q: Can we talk baby goats and how that completely blew up?  How everyone loves you holding baby goats in the show?

Travis Fimmel: Oh, did they really?  Oh, that’s funny.  I don’t know if I’ve held a goat.  I held a lamb one time, it was a lamb.  I dunno, I just walked past and I grabbed one.  I needed something to hold because the two girls sitting next to me weren’t very happy with me.  It got comforting that way.

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mine ok this had to be done 500 damn because of reasons also this is too cute idk :D travis fimmel Historyvikings vikingsedit but I can't find it vikingshistory vkragnarlothbrok I'm pretty sure there is one more scene
vikings travis fimmel Katheryn Winnick Lagertha ragnar lothbrok Historyvikings vikingsedit vikings spoilers alyssa sutherland aslaug mine: vk mine: winnick mine: fimmel marnie makes mine: sutherland the shipping conflict continues i'm crying it just panned up and it was just aslaug and ragnar and i was like 'oh okay so are they gonna have another ki--OH MY GOD' also trav's arms just ok s: all things begin and end as stories c: the future is open c: i would give far more
louis tomlinson 1k Harry Styles Zayn Malik Niall Horan boys mine larry 500 ok this must have been done already but i haven't seen it on my dash or even a link to the video and i'm bored so whatever also i'm pretty sure the joke is SUPPOSED to be what do VAMPIRES put on their christmas turkey and it's grave-y but he says zombie and i'm pretty sure harry says gravy?? UNLESS I'M DEAF WHICH IS POSSIBLE i love them but sometimes it's really hard to tell wtf is being said in interviews and stuff cause they all talk at once and i have to replay it like 2390583 times wow too many tags sorry
mine mine: gifs vikings travis fimmel ragnar lothbrok Historyvikings vikingsedit mine: vikings mine: ragnar lothbrok vrewatch so let's just ignore bedtime and responsibilities and spam the tags with gifs i started to redo the first one cause it looks like shit but i'm too lazy jfc
mine still tattoo Season 2 men History Channel vikings Odin 2.04 travis fimmel ragnar lothbrok Historyvikings mine:still vikingsedit HIS OUTFIT s2still s2bio i need more hq of lagertha please HC!!
photoset Fresh Prince 5k will smith fresh prince of bel air fgc :'((( this quality right now and i'm sure this has been made five hundred times but it's literally the most heartbreaking scene in tv history so i mean really it's the worst because of obvious reasons but also because will/uncle phil feels man ugh
game of thrones IT HAD TO BE DONE Sansa Stark *mine* *1k *500 so here it is gotedit sansa x tyrion gotsansastark otp: i could be good to you sansalayned there has never been a gifset more pointless but also this is something that me and María were discussing like all week (and yes I'm speaking english but this is a gifset okay)
rupert grint harry potter Daniel Radcliffe Hermione Granger Emma Watson when harry left hogwarts deathly hallows Ronald Weasley Golden Trio one last leap BAWL BAWL BAWL i'm sure this has been done many times BUT I JUST HAD TO DO IT TOO BECAUSE GOD. look at them all! JUST LOOK OKAY???!!! 2 might be my fave but also 73 but also all of them
ugh game of thrones own spoiler alert anyway davos seaworth Blackwater is this weird? because i'm not sure it could be weird but i don't know i just really needed to make a davos graphic my first one actually blackwater bay was a bitch but you know what hurt even more??? matthos was on that bottom cap of davos and i had to cut him out because of obvious reasons obviously painful reasons
mine Zarry narry zouis Ziam larry lilo Ziall nouis 1dplus EVERY SHIP IS INLUDED IN THIS EXCEPT LIRRY SORRY idk any lirry kisses but i'm also in a rush to leave and drink alcohol and this has taken me way too long i'm sure i'm missing some and there are a lot of ~supposed~ kisses that i think are just whispers so yeah ok i'm done
1k ** ugh i did it i just cherik thank cries a river xmen days of future past Charles x Erik i fUCKING DID IT dofp spoilers dofpedit this scene is so dark holy jesus this is such terrible timing and i know BUT I HAD TO UPLOAD IT OK if no one rebagels ill be sad but who cares this damn scene tho pls someone more elaborate than i contribute to explain emotions and shit true love lies between rage and serenity
hair mine still s2 q 1000 braids detail vikings Katheryn Winnick Lagertha Historyvikings mine:still vikingsedit womenwarriors costume appreciation s2stills a thing I want to do more of vikings details i have done this still before but i wanted a close one of her hair because of reasons