• mine post ily gillian anderson BLESS THIS WOMAN gagif gillian fuck the daily mail gainterview im so proud to call her my fav this is what a strong woman looks like iheartcate •

“The Daily Mail printed this story about you that described all the surgery they believe you had done. That’s not a nice thing to see about yourself.” (x)

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gillian anderson )): ga* i've said this before and i'm gonna say it again this woman is better than all of you i need you to hug me rn gillian
her face gillian anderson David Duchovny the x-files paley center i wish i could tag this properly but i can't i can't stop watching her face as she listens to this it's fucking everything ggda
gillian anderson The X Files David Duchovny this is my contribution to this glorious month the gilllian and david overdose
* gifs mine txf gillian anderson The X Files minetxf watching this accidentally sent me into the pit of david/gillian videos on youtube and now i've thrown up in my mouth like fifty times thank 4 anon~
game of thrones Sansa Stark i have a lot of feelings I'm surprised this scene required explanation but hey this is the got fandom so I guess it was to be expected Sansa is being physically and emotionally abused she has just spent an entire dinner listening to how her brother might die and pretending to be in love with Joffrey she's been holding back tears and she's finally in her room she looks at the mirror and can't even recognize herself and then this woman comes in and declares she's her new handmaiden and clearly she knows nothing about being a handmaiden why is this woman there did Cersei send her is she a spy will she tell Cersei she saw Sansa crying so automatically it means she has to hold back her tears again and she needs to go back to pretending of being that person that she sees in the mirror and can't recognize and she's angry and she's frustrated all she wants is her mother to be there and to give her a hug not to explain the duties of a handmaiden to a handmaiden and finally she snaps at her and in the end she says just brush my hair its equivalent to her calling out for her mother she just wants someone anyone to brush her hair so maybe she can close her eyes and imagine that she's back at Winterfell and instead of this stranger who might be a spy its her mother brushing her hair like what else is she supposed to do if she became bffs with Shae the fandom would say OMG Sansa look at you trusting everyone you're just letting Shae walk all over you
*** Great Expectations gillian anderson my graphics [5] Miss Havisham this was so hauntingly gorgeous
wife Hero love u smooch elkbert
drawing Illustration art My art gillian anderson The X Files Dana Scully scully strong female characters
1k ** game of thrones asoiaf edit* daenerys targaryen house targaryen viserys targaryen graphic* got* finally i made it! I have to say I am really proud of this I wanted to make it since ever and if you don't understand the aerion poster: I tried to put something like firealive i'll try to make another when I be ready again but I really like this post tbh and look: dany is the only woman who has a really importat title that's why she is my queen you know always my favorite house I won't stop tagging because I am really proud of this
my queen 1k notes community but i don't care gillian jacobs She's perfect communicon i stole these pictures i'm the biggest cry baby in the world ah! i'm crying again
1k mine q community britta perry gillian jacobs i'm so in love communityedit mine: c logmeme i got v. emotional making this her little nose twitch though