• i wanna be so close to someone that we can talk all night and never get tired mine someone be this person frickin •

i wanna be so close to someone that we can talk all night and never get tired

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i wanna be so close to someone that we can talk all night and never get tired
the best love quotes person friends best friends meredith sayings Make up fighting season 10 Meredith Grey greys anatomy christina ga need this christina Yang surgeon your my person im your person if i murdered someone shed be the person id call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor shes my person
I will be married to the next person in my ask for three days.
Sarah Shahi mine* person of interest poi Shaw poi* POIEDIT sameen shaw HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO CUTE JUST LOOK AT HER FFS ShawxFood my precious grumpy homicidal baby
mine glee santana lopez naya rivera lauren potter becky jackson
mine peggy carter agent carter marveledit Violence cw guns cw mcuedit maaaan obviously we don't know how they're gonna handle agent carter but i need a morally ambiguous peggy carter someone who can stand next to the man who embodied the military industrial complex the man who was in this universe instrumental in the creation of the atomic bomb and not waver because the cold war - esp early cold war - was an ugly time for america in terms of international policy the american foreign policy was not to spread freedom across the globe it was containment and jesus if you look at the shit the government was willing to do to stop the spread of communism can you imagine what else they would be willing when adding the knowledge that there are sources of power like the tesseract toppling democracies and backing dictators that's the government peggy carter works for that's the world she lives in and that's not to say she's a bad person she's a mostly good person who has to make hard decisions decisions that leave blood on her hands and in the end peggy carter becomes the person she needs to be and that person does not waver
mine root person of interest poi* POIEDIT sameen shaw Root x Shaw hanna frey why did i have to notice this i used to be happy
f(x) Krystal 1000 !gif this is horrendous but it's been in my drafts since ww2
me art mine right? quick comic I cant be the only person this happens to the person in the last panels is not in anyway supposed to represent Davey Havok
louis tomlinson mine you can't be turning 21 omfg someone tell me this isn't true never grow up.mp3
mine tumblr text help notes gay marriage reblog this prove them wrong reblog if you agree
Paul McCartney do something chris pine mine: gifsedits queenie eye someone help this man child someone burn his beanie someone just something needs to be done about all of this peene