• mine spock TOS mine: tos i'm so done with this show astora •

2016 notes / 7 years 9 months ago
mine spock TOS mine: tos i'm so done with this show
mine gif1 star trek spock captain kirk TOS star trek tos off* i am pleased with this ELEVATOR SEX CHECKED OF THE GIF LIST
mine spock TOS mine: tos trekedit The Naked Time fascillogical this gifset is necessary
mine spock TOS mine: tos ALICE THIS IS FOR YOU trekedit The Man Trap fascillogical i know about your green blood kink
hes still got Amy’s glasses
the love of my life Ziall 1000% done i'm so done with this mv
gif mine Aang Avatar A:TLA atla zuko Avatar: the last airbender gifset zukaang can't color for shit but i'm so done with this
mine star trek spock TOS mr spock trekedit
MY EDIT star trek spock TOS Kirk space husbands Kirk x Spock edit: star trek shore leave you're welcome guys you're welcome let's just review how kirk only pretends to have a 'kink' so spock will massage him and that look at the end not included: kirk staring at spock's ass as he walks away you think I'm joking but go look it up
photoset Harry Styles mine This is so ugly but snapback I'm done goodbye
mine bones TOS shore leave mine: tos trekedit if anyone ever says bones is just a big grump show them this episode actual lil ball of georgia sunshine
mine TOS Chekov i'm laughing so hard omg mine: tos spockstiel the way to eden he just looks chekov up and down