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mine study notes studying finance Muji studyspo studyblr studyspiration

Writing some finance notes.

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mine study notes studying finance Muji studyspo studyblr studyspiration
Study tip:
Use 2 notebooks when taking notes: one for in class and one for copying the notes at home. The one in class, make it messy with add-ins, subtext, etc etc! Take down as much info as you can. Then, after class, take those messy, hard-to-read notes and re-copy them into your home notebook. These are th...
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whenever you're feeling unmotivated and sleepy:
• drink a big glass of water • fix your posture and sit up straight • do some stretches to get moving • take some deep breaths • straighten up the area you’re in a little bit • listen to some intense classical music or just some upbeat music! • get working! :)
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1. It’ll get tough. Really fucking tough. You already knew that. But that’s life, accept it. Put away the books for an hour, drink some tea,...
Study Tips Tag Master-Post
I tag every study tip I reblog and like it, so there’s at least 1000 in there, so here’s a master-post.If anyone would like their post(s) removed from the master-post just send me a message :) Study Tips 1:Notes, Studying and Self-Study ResourcesThings NOT To Do When StudyingRevision TipsSome Study ...
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