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Thanks American Girl!

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Rules to New Girl's True American
Game prep: Arrange the cans of beer around the bottle of rum. The cans are Pawns of the Secret Order, the rum is the King, and the arrangement is called the Castle. Decide on 4 Zones, and arrange platforms ( chairs, buckets, anything ) in patterns through them. The 5th Zone is the Zone with the ca...
  • Gaga:*kills someone*
When people put the porn star’s name on the tags
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Things I need:A music video for Jet Pack BluesA music video for The Kids Aren’t AlrightThings that would probably kill me:A music video for Jet Pack BluesA music video for The Kids Aren’t Alright
"jessica lange is leaving american horror story" "but she isn’t leaving until after season 4" "but she won’t have a lead role in season 4"
when someone tries to tell me about something i am obsessed with
Reblog this post if Coven is your favorite season (if not, click one of the following links to reblog ur fave: Murder House, Asylum, Freak Show)
when you surprise a bitch in spanish