• mine the hobbit thorin oakenshield hs hobbitedit thorinedit richardarmitakeme god don't look at me i know i meant to do this ages ago omg second place goes to nori js don't ask me most attractive bc it's just gonna be thorin again lmao ghisborne •

high school yearbook awards: the hobbit
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* mine MY EDIT the hobbit thorin oakenshield ;) auj hobbitedit dwarf king of my life x_______x i thought tumblr wasn't gonna upload these and then i almost had a heart attack ~thrilling anyway; this is for the anon who encouraged me to continue the thorin spam
photoset gif anime whatever naruto sasuke queue post uchiha itachi uchiha sasuke narutok naruto2 the most frustrating photoset i have ever had the displeasure of colouring ugh it's awful forgive me sasuke but i never want to look at you again ok just kidding maybe for a day naruto: shippuuden i don't even know what this is meant to be a kid sasuke appreciation post i guess
mine the hobbit fili kili thorin oakenshield who cares goddamnit anyway Thorin The Hobbit Spoilers but the text still moves a pixel i don't want to remake it again my feels + perfect quality movie now it's fixed
1k ask don't thorin oakenshield an unexpected journey mine** mine: gif I just don't know all right mine: auj film: the hobbit: an unexpected journey *manic laughter* AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO I'M OVERWHELMED WITH FEELINGS
* the hobbit LOTR goodness this took me forever i don't think i've ever wanted a month so badly the hobbit and sherlock and the great gatsby asdgtyjg but really the whole bit with bilbo and gollum i will be screaming inside
the hobbit my stuff kili thorin oakenshield but i had to aidan turner richard armitage i don't know if this was done already
the hobbit fili kili Thorin ch: kili hobbitedit ch: fili mine: hobbit ch: Thorin f: Durin god this breaks my heart Thorin succumbs to gold sickness and basically becomes unrecognisabe in his hate and greed Kili is forced to face a world of pain and face the harsh reality that heroes aren't invincible and that sometimes being heroic can HURT and Fili Fili can only watch as his family is hurt over and over again and he's helpless to stop it this family will be the death of me
1k mine the hobbit woo it's just bagginshield auj hobbitedit hobbit gif THE BRAVEST LITTLE HOBBIT OF THEM ALL i love this hug so much i think it's destroying my life look my gifs look better now i forgot to mention i reversed the scene also how good bilbo fits in thorin's arms sajkdhgjffjdks how good they both feel during the hug tho bilbo finally feels accepted thorin just feels i was looking up friendly hug versus romantic hug stuff and this is def not a friendly hug let me tell you.
Mean Girls the hobbit mygif fili kili thorin oakenshield elrond sorry not sorry richard armitage hobbitgif somebody please help me kingoakenshield it's 1.29am i'm going to bed ugh
queue the hobbit fili kili thorin oakenshield m: the hobbit hobbitedit c: kili c: thorin oakenshield mine: hobbit edits by thea c: fili m: th auj i wanted to use this song for months now it's so freaking beautiful precious dwarves :)
my gifs the hobbit 1000 balin thorin oakenshield *hobbit jana is an idiot film: the hobbit auj hobbitedit m: thorin m: balin alternatively titled: I am definitely going to hell
the hobbit stuff kili thorin oakenshield majestic thorin i do know what im doing its my contribution to my fandom lame i know