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just how fast the night changes

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1k baby mine edit then and now set fifth harmony camila cabello ilysm camila i cried making this omg i love my phone thx phone 5h official tumblr followed me after i posted this maybe she saw this omfg i
homestuck Dave Strider hs wayward vagabond the mayor my art struggles shhh dave needs a bro to cheer him up every now and then too
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Harry Styles mine hs HI I MADE A THING and i can't stop staring
Darren's clothes: Then and now
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Harry Styles One Direction mine 1D hs m: harry styles m: one direction i cant find the vid now to put a link ugh ugh
mine* other* 5sos 5 seconds of summer luke hemmings she looks so perfect now hold on just one minute okay i dont know why i never realized how hot he is like i always thought he was /ok/ and then today it just randomly hit me and i had a little breakdown about it w kaelin how did i never see i once was lost but now im found
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When will people understand that when I say One Direction I mean tattoos, skinny jeans, snapbacks, deep voices, muscles and facial hair not carrots, stripes, blazers, and varsity jackets?