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just how fast the night changes

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1k LOL mine exo EXO-K n___n Kyungsoo d.o ... now that i think about it he kind of looks like an airplane and then he just stands as if nothing happened gsldmnhd oh well :'D look at him he's so precious
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* supernatural dean winchester castiel Jensen Ackles Misha Collins destiel mine: supernatural over 1k otp: the most tragic romance that ever graced the planet this part. i'm gonna be very serious right now on my gif and i'm sorry if a ton of you hate long tags but just omg if you watch this scene. this is the part where castiel confronts both of the boys about WHY he's fighting. he's fighting for freedom for what dean and sam TAUGHT HIM THROUGH THEIR ACTIONS AND BELIEFS. what really hits me is when he says that 'freedom is worth fighting for. i just wanted you to understand that' and then he FUCKING LOOKS AT DEAN. and then we get a freaking extra 5 second shot of them just gazing at each other because they're fighting for each other DAMN IT. GIVING ME ALL THE FEELINGS.
just trying to keep my 1D posters up to date goddammit