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Iconic Models - Twiggy

   On September 19th. 1949 in Neadsen, London, Lesley Hornby was born, oblivious to the fact that she would be one of the most influential models of all time. The Sixties were a time of new boundaries in music and fashion. Models and actresses were no longer expected to be gorgeous and proper. It was perfect for “Twiggy", who got her name from her thin build paired with her extremely long lashes and bobbed hair. By the end of the sixties, Twiggy had already graced the covers of Vogue along with other well-known magazines. She was officially a super model working along the lines of girls like Penelope Tree. After her modeling career, Twiggy went on to be a successful singer/artist with songs like When I Think of You and Beautiful Dreams. She also took up acting and hosting, with five seasons of America’s Next Top Model under her belt. Twiggy is truly iconic.

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