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We are all miserable. Music is the only thing that makes us feel something anymore.

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Stress is caused by giving a fuck. So don’t stress.
Nothing is forever. You can only share a bed but never a grave.
We all enjoy beauty in different forms. Most enjoy beauty in a vision whereas I prefer a beautiful mind.
A dream job does not exist. You have to create it.
Music is the cheapest and simplest cure to life’s problems.
My success will be your nightmare.
Sometimes a relationship is hard to explain. Not friends. Not enemies. Just two strangers with some memories.
There is a feeling in my heart. I can’t make it stop. It hurts every time I walk, it hurts every time I talk. I don’t know what is happen...
Cold weather, early mornings, big shirts, messy hair, coffee, cigarettes and a favorite book.
The person you fall in love with is the reflection of who you really are.
Best reaction is not reacting at all.
I guess we are all a little addicted to a certain kind of sadness and a specific kind of person.