• mitam @GOD WHY lyg i sometimes write like this to take the mickey out of someone like if they say i should write nice anchoredlou •
mitam @GOD WHY lyg i sometimes write like this to take the mickey out of someone like if they say i should write nice

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mitam @GOD WHY lyg i sometimes write like this to take the mickey out of someone like if they say i should write nice
good yes good for a while hello new people WHERE ARE THOSE NEW FOLLOWERS COMING FROM OH MY GOD I HOPE THAT YOU ARE HAVING A GOOD DAY Only one more exam friends! Then I'll be free thing is I do not know when the exam actually is and it's not on the exam plan either and only like 3 people from this class are writing an exam and I can't contact them because I don't know their names or anything I could probably write to the teacher but I'm too afraid to do this because I already wrote her a billion mails over the last few months because every week and I really mean every week I forgot something in her classroom and sometimes it was something important like last week I forgot ALL OF MY NOTES ABOUT EVERYTHING in this class and I really needed them for learning so I wrote her a mail if she had seen them and it turned out that she had started to take my lost things with her so they won't get lost and I'm just so sorry for this she is such a nice person I can't write her another Sorry I forgot another thing mail so probably I will just camp in the classroom the next week
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self Personal jfashion cult party kei cat ears cpk bright mori or i guess it could be sort of cult party or mori ish if the whole outfit was done and shown i think the top is really nice its was at the bins with stains on it but i got it anyways because it was so nice sorry i dont feel nice about me or like after i look at my face too long i start to get weird about it and i dont recognize myself or something and im like what the heck is this so then i dont feel like posting anything but i think i should anyways just to stay updated maybe i should start being one of those bloggers that hides their face iwht stuff it just trips me out sometimes that im a personl with a physical form and a face and i can have images captured of me and my form and it's just so strange like for some reason then i strat to not like pictures after a while because they mess with my head and reality or somethinglol
things that make me want to set myself on fire: the belief that canonically rose tyler is the be-all end-all of all companions in the 50+ year history of doctor who the belief that ten was the most doctory, in-character regeneration of the doctor  adding to that, the belief that the doctor is a char...
1D I need this in my life anyway like now otp: pal & dude otp: the royal couple someone please write this and i prefer to think about this rather than about idiots breaking into liam's hotel room to steal his boxers which is awful some fans are assholes story idea things
there is a saying 'when you have a chance to make fun of Jamie Benn you should take it' I take this saying very seriously bennyandthestars things I do for Britta and I'd like to say I regret this IF YOU'RE READING THIS ITS TOO LATE AND I REGRET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS POST
mygif oh well ALL OF THEM The 100 the100edit octavia blake clarke griffin raven reyes commander lexa clexa i was reading the wicked + the divine then this happened... i put way more thought into this than i should have i was gonna do the greek pantheon but it didn't quite work i couldn't match them all with goddesses i like how it turned out :) this is one of those shows where i want EVERY au they call me no notes clancey yeah i know i tagged this as clexa i just really want someone to write a clexa mythology au
1k mine sherlock God 4 mine: sherlock mine: edits mine: typography end. bowl is too busy and scared about her future so here have the i don't know is it minimalistic? is it typography? I'm just scared that 10 years from now we will all met again and we will realise that none of us is doing what he always wanted to do I am scared no one's going to be happy and that I won't be happy and it's just weird that somehow people want you to KNOW everything when you are only 17 like how the hell am I supposed to decide about my future when I burn all the pancakes out and can't even talk to new people how am I to choose the college and the person I want to become? ah rambles rambles the things is sometimes my head is just so full of thoughts and it helps me when I write them down write them out of my mind though I should use notebooks for this not tags what is worse though is that I don't think I am procrastinating I think I'm just doing ANYthing else just to stop being scared and stop thinking but once you start to think you can't stop
this is the last one 1hey
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1k Yuri i love you snsd ok *mine *gif girls generation kwon yuri so nyuh shi dae LIKE RN *yul OHMYOGD MY BABY MY ANGEL THE LOVE OF MY LIFE HAPPY BIRTHDAY I HOPE YOU'LL SPEND THIS WONDERFUL DAY HAPPILY WITH ALL THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE I HOPE YOU'LL GET TONS OF PRESENTS AND A NICE CAKE AND PARTY BUT TAKE CARE OK i'll upload another gifset tomorrow bc it's the 4th here so i want to upload one on the day when it's her bday here in my country so yeah basically i love you and i forever will and i just hhhhhhhdfgjdfk i don't wanna say more i'll write a longass emotional letter in the next post also the order isn't 100% as the mvs came out for length reasons