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moon Paganism wiccan pagan wicca Pantheism moon phases phases

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moon Paganism wiccan pagan wicca Pantheism moon phases phases
Full and New Moon Schedule for the Remainder of 2014
JuneFull Moon – Jun 13, 2014New Moon – Jun 27, 2014JulyFull Moon – Jul 12, 2014New Moon – Jul 26, 2014AugustFull Moon – Aug 10, 2014New Moon – Aug 25, 2014SeptemberFull Moon – Sept 9, 2014New Moon – Sept 24, 2014OctoberFull Moon – Oct 8, 2014New Moon – Oct 23, 2014NovemberFull Moon – Nov 6, 2014New ...
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Moon Garden
A moon garden is a garden specifically designed to be enjoyed by the light of the moon at night. It is typically planted with flowers and plants that are at their best after the sun has set. Some have blooms that only open at night, some release their fragrance into the cool night air and others sim...
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