• mott txt i love a lot of trashy characters and i usually tags things like ''trash husband'' ''a literal garbage can'' ''trash prince'' etc the last one os my fav for john murphy the first one is what i use for tsukiyama shuu fuck-kirk •
  • Me:This character is trash. A literal garbage can. How completely awful.
  • Person:Wow you really hate him huh?
  • Me:What? No. He's my favorite.

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  • Me:This character is trash. A literal garbage can. How completely awful.
  • Person:Wow you really hate him huh?
  • Me:What? No. He's my favorite.
My art *sobs in a corner* Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Kushu Shuu Tsukiyama Tsukiyama Shuu tokyo ghoul:re tfw you try to draw like one of fav artists but you fail sorry for the lack of posts but school just started and i won't have so much time for drawing *sobs even more*
my edits mine hot damn too hot god I love you so much oitnb Orange is the new Black Alex Vause it baffles me how LP can make a garbage bag look so fucking attractive /i am literally garbage/ also jesus fuck her hair in the last one does things to me (psa: this is now officially an alex vause trash bag) (i mean blog) god i have never wanted to become a tissue roll more than i do right now
MY EDIT palstelnet svtcreations 17net bea:edit bea:lyrics ok I was //supposed/ to use the shining diamond MV but literally implementing that mv into this was so hard I FEEL LIKE I FAILED BUT I ALSO REALLY LIKE HOW THIS CAME OUT the shining diamond mv did not fit the aesthetics of this edit also YO THE FIRST IMAGE I WAS ABOUT TO LIGHT MY ASS ON FIRE BECAUSE IT WAS LOOKING LIKE SHIT but anyway the inspiration for this was from a rock to a diamond EYYY SHIniNG DIAmoND YEHH!!!! also s/o to hoshi bc i embraced being a mounteen in the first image let me kno if u guys want the first one as a wallpaper bc i got u the FIRST ONE IS SO PRETTY I HOPE U LIKE IT also idk what do to with the third one ITS ALWAYS THE THIRD ONE I LOSE IDEAS I mean I had several but they weren't working right also see how the gradient looks weird when its a gif?? like the first picture is not a gif and so its like DAMN wow so hq gradient but the 2nd and 3rd u can see the lines..... anyway hi yes please love this gfx i worked really hard hi can pledis hire me for working as their graphic design artist i cant promise itll look nice but i can work hard also just realized that only 11 of them is showing in the last one FUCK lmao sorry these tags are long
Every fandom’s got that trash character that everyone makes fun of but secretly everyone’s in love with him
x men xmen x men first class cherik an attempt was made graphics yo i M SO SORRY THIS IS TRASH BUT THESE LYRICS WERE BURNING A HOLE IN ??? ? idek ? ? ? my pocket? ?? ? the pOCKET OF MY SOUL trashy trash picmonkey graphics im returning 2 my roots [ skye voice ] y a a ay she said sarcastically
my shit best of joel Uncharted assassin's creed Dante Devil May Cry jay mass effect the last of us nathan drake james vega DMC vergil Connor Kenway Watch Dogs DMC Devil may Cry aiden pearce beyond two souls god that's a lot of tags *waves hand* I don't even know what this is supposed to be it's just a collection of my fav video game men game dudes
comics Marvel Clint Barton Hawkeye mine* this motherfucker fav* marveledit comics* there he is but there it is comicedit hawkeyeedit main bae status initially his was gonna be the first of this whole fav character meme thing but i kept postponing it bc i had no idea which panels i was gonna use and i just kept postponing it main garbage main everything now i can finally sleep again at night also picking his quote was easier than i thought idk i usually struggle with that bc i either pick a Fucking Overused one out of pure laziness idk dont talk to me abt this guy he gaves me headaches also not one but TWO shirtless clint pics because of Reasons garbage has never looked so lovely
1k mine destiel AK kill me now pls spncrack destiel crack livebloggingmydescentintomadness straight outta meme ITS SO LATE AND I AM A ONE WOMAN TRASH PARTY THIS ISNT EVEN FUNNY UNLESS YOU LIKE THAT MEME IM SO SORRY
like comic idk pearl amethyst garnet steven universe Greg Universe sorry for long post but this is the best way to putting this online i mean is more combenient for reading it it have more impact If you think reading this is hard you have no idea of how hard was drawing it i was sobbing at the last page pearl have a lot of flaws and she is like the first one of the gems to expose her fellings but she does in a explosive way she is my favorite gem for a reason that episodie was incredible so many things similir to this comic omg this tags are getting stupidly long sorry for longest post ever
my edits what are these long post Tokyo Ghoul Kirishima Touka chat bubbles Tokyo Kushu Kaneki Ken what evs suzuya juuzou Tsukiyama Shuu ayato kirishima pixel bubbles i have an interview in like 3 hrs lol all because i saw the dead/kawaii one and thought it was perfect for this fucked up series k night