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Movie Buff Questions

1. Favorite action film?
2. What movie(s) could you watch over and over and not get tired of?
3. Any old school favorites (pre-70s)?
4. Top 5 directors?
5. Favorite dead actor/actress?
6. Favorite movie from the 90’s?
7. Ever been/are you such a hardcore fan of an actor actress you watched/will watch any movie they were/will be in?
8. What movie are you looking forward to coming out the most?
9. Pixar or Dreamworks?
10. Favorite animated movie?
11. Favorite musical?
12. Are you against book-to-movie adaptations?
13. Your guilty pleasure movie(s)?
14. Robin Williams or Eddie Murphy?
15. Favorite chick flick?
16. Ever watched a movie just because you heard the effects were awesome?
17. Favorite indie film?
18. Favorite movie heroin?
19. Favorite movie action hero?
20. Ever read a book so you could understand the movie?
21. Favorite kids movie?
22. Favorite Disney movie?
23. Favorite movie soundtrack?
24. Movie that makes you cry every time?
25. VHS, DVD, or Blu-ray?
26. Best experience going to the movies
27. Top 5 actors?
28. Top 5 actresses?
29. Movie you completely regret seeing?
30. Movie you wish was never made?
31. Movie your parent showed you?
32. Last movie you watched?
33. An overrated movie?
34. An underrated movie?
35. Favorite comedy movie?
36. Movie quote you live by?
37. Movie quote that will always make you laugh?
38. Film(s) you’ve watched on a date?
39. Favorite cult film?
40. Directors you’d like to see work together?
41. Actors you’d like to see work together?
42. Films you wanted to watch, but never got around to watching?
43. Favorite teen movie?
44. Top 5 favorite films?
45. Favorite superhero film?
46. Favorite cop film?
47. Favorite road trip film?
48. A disappointing film from your favorite actor?
49. A disappointing film from your favorite director?
50. The first movie you ever remember watching in theaters?
51. A movie that was better than the book?
52. Vin Diesel or Bruce Willis?
53. A movie that not many have heard of that you’ve seen?
54. A movie that changed the way you view the world?
55. Favorite sci-fi movie?
56. Movie you completely nerd-out over every time it’s mentioned?
57. Movie that you’ve seen all the behind-the-scenes action for?
58. Movie where your favorite actor was the only good part?
59. Movie from an actor you hate that was better than you expected?
60. Most visually stunning movie you’ve seen?
61. A movie your parents introduced you to?
62. Favorite genre?
63. Least favorite genre?
64. Comedy movie that you didn’t find funny?
65. Horror movie that didn’t scare you?
66. Favorite remake of an old movie?
67. A movie that started a passion for you?
68. A movie that sparked an interesting conversation?
69. The main movie you remember from your childhood?
70. The first movie you saw on it’s opening night?
71. A move that made you ache for love.

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