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My father passed away last December and my family wasn’t allowed to attend the funeral. We are seeking legal action to be able to at least visit his grave. It’s a very long complicated story, please read under the cut or see the fundraiser page at: http://www.youcaring.com/other/help-bring-justice-and-closure/172571#sthash.tb9e8d9g.dpuf

When my father passed away last December, his side of the family held the funeral in Mexico. My family is from the United States and my two younger siblings aren’t of age to have a passport without both of the parents signature. We asked his family to send us the death certificate so we would be able to get passports and be on our way to the funeral the next day. But they said no. A lady he was living with took it out and wrote down that she was his wife. Since she worked in the presidency she was able to falsify the information. Now because she did that, my younger siblings aren’t able to get their passports and visit our father. Since she claimed to be the wife she also got access to all of his property and money. Money which would have gone to me and my siblings to help us get through college, especially me since I’m barely entering. She scammed our family, but we can get justice. My mother has her marriage certificate, and since they never divorced it’s still valid. We need to hire a private investigator , a lawyer, and get down to Mexico to fight for what is rightfully ours. This summer we plan to go down their but we do not have enough funds to cover the expences. My mother does not work because she is raising 4 children on her own, I’ve tried to get a job since I’m the oldest but because of lack of experience I keep getting rejected. We are asking for simply a chance to fight. We want to properly mourn and have closure with our father. I’ve started the asking sum for only $1000 because we do not have an exact estimate of the costs to cover the private investigator, lawyer, traveling expenses, and for a place to stay while we are down there. We hope that you find it in your heart to donate, even if it’s just a dollar you are helping us very much. If you can not donate but wish to contribute, you can help by spreading the word. - See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/other/help-bring-justice-and-closure/172571#sthash.tb9e8d9g.dpuf

again if you wish to help but can not donate you can contribute by spreading the words, thank you, thank you so much.

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