• My art borderlands handsome jack tftb tftbl i could just simply slap bad-cropped face on this comics but no??? fuck me ksafs •
My art borderlands handsome jack tftb tftbl i could just simply slap bad-cropped face on this comics but no??? fuck me

im calling loader bots

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MY EDIT borderlands borderlands 2 handsome jack Borderlandsedit don't loook at me have this thing i wanna make one for axton too heheh these are actual GQ articles greatest sandwich known to man tru story
sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch this is a queue a study in pink i'm not here aka the things I do when I'm bored as fuck still really confused how to tag these things man if I wanted to be obnoxious I would tag everything I saw but let's not would be funny tho kinda funny the kind of funny that only makes me laugh because I'm an idiot wow my teacher would slap my face if he saw these fonts but I would hit him back because hitting is rude because life and school
my gifs SOBBING FOREVER AND EVER lauren jauregui camila cabello camren bffs forever and ever hey i know how about you just slap me in the face! i know it seems like a sinking ship but I will never let gooooo
all time low Jack Barakat rian dawson jack
art Salvador borderlands borderlands 2 Zer0 i just needed to draw this for some reason iDK
1k mine 5k 10k long post carpophobia cw sapphostication i DON'T KNOW WHAT TO TAG THIS so i'll just not tag it but i hope this brings everyone great joy unfortunately only five of these are on netflix also from the list i switched out bitch slap for fire bc bitch slap seemed really fetishizing whereas fire was p. groundbreaking from what i queer movies gsm in media gendered slurs cw for tags *queer
When you slide on a hardwood floor with socks on
art My art pitch but still Pitch Black I JUST LOVE HIM rise of the guardians rotg Kozmotis Pitchiner weeehh the poor thing i cant do him justice
art gamzee This was so fun but also a huge fucking pain omfg Tavros-can-beat-capitan-hook Its so weird seeing his whole Face usually there is just fukin Hair everywhere I feel bad for whoever Braided all of that probably Karkat Best Moirail you could have very hella Moirail ye But yeah I really love how he looks but damn it takes too long to draw and thats Poopie Fukin ask making it tiny my assss
My art hannibal i just have a lot of feelings rn bryan fuller ITS KINDA SLAP DASH BUT I DONT CARE
Jensen Ackles I cry fuck sake sweeet mother of god I wanted to edit this but I really i just nothing needed done hes fucking perfect i just wanted this on my blog..
queue MY EDIT borderlands borderlands 2 1k* ge* i prefer the previous sets i've done but i already made this so :/ m: borderlands