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I think Cassandra likes to secretly pack away her new book to read in camp~

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1k edits games dai dragon age sera cassandra pentaghast dragon age:inquisition good god cass is going to be pissed off all the time i can feel it and I WANT IT dai edits
My art Fanart Sketch and the rest dragon age varric tethras cassandra pentaghast dragon age inquisition dorian pavus
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my stuff dai dragon age SO PUMPED Dragon Age 3 cassandra pentaghast dragon age inquisition my dad just gave this to me so I thought i would share
gif dai gifset cassandra pentaghast Inquisition dragon age inquisition that woman single-handedly brings down the wrath of all animals every time and she doesn't give a fuck i love her dearly
gif mine dragon age cassandra pentaghast daedits dragon age inquisition trying to ge the hang of the flycam but i kinda suck at it my new laptop doesn't have a numpad so i have to use the onscreen keyboard feature to navigate and the video i took to make the gifs was super jumpy which is super obvious maybe i'll just stick to attempting to take pretty screncaps
Last Kisses
 Those who say it is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all, have never experienced the former.                Sera’s eyes are streaming tears and she clings to the Inquisitor tightly with both arms. When she kisses them, it’s angry and passionate. She swears into their mou...
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My art dai dragon age dragon age inquisition da:i just take it omg i'm not gonna tag everyone bc jfc it's a long post and it's gonna clog your dashes but you know what i slaved for a month on this i'm running on fumes i'm going to bed I'M JUST SO HAPPY I FINISHED IT
art dragon age cassandra pentaghast dragon age inquisition step on me INQUISITION HYPE *my heart will go on playing in the distance*
myedits so pretty dai gifset cullen characters LOOK AT THEM dragon age josephine sera *1k cassandra cassandra pentaghast dragon age: inquisition Dorian da:i *3k iron bull Solas ser cullen dorian pavus Blackwall the iron bull josephine montilyet e: LI and yeah there seriously is no better gif material of solas and the cropping of Dorian's face could be better but I wanted to use his smirk!
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