• My art doodles i guess nge eva kawoshin not rlly is this ooc hahaha johnnybooboo •

i must be beautiful

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i honestly wasnt expecting this
my gif 1k mine puella magi madoka magica i guess neon genesis evangelion evangelion nge gif kawoshin pmmm gif mahou shoujo  madoka magica evamado gif this is the gayest gifset i've ever made
gif epilepsy warning neon genesis evangelion kaworu nagisa evangelion nge Rebuild of Evangelion Shinji Ikari eva this is so dumb Scopophobia kawoshin kaariedits ive spent like an hour tryin to time it right and i cant do it lmao im sorry
fave p kaworu nagisa nge Shinji Ikari kawoshin this is too cute i love kawoshin even though it hurts me
kaworu evangelion nge shinji kawoshin (me) I WAS GONNA PUT A CHEESIER CAPTION BUT THEN NAH I CANT DO CHEESE I CANT DO IT guess who marathoned all three nge movies like two days ago lmao kaworu is the bae i hope i quoted the thing correctly lol
idk kaworu nagisa nge Shinji Ikari kawoshin omgart HAPP Y VALENTINE S   i guess lmaoa draw if u kno what hes saying ahahaha HAHAHAHBSDJFJKFIUADKVJ i am terribl give me 200 chimichanga kickin' why. . . did i make that art tak e  om f g this is terribl i might delete tomorrow IDK IT BOTH E R R S  M E colors scheme and lines mayb?? okey tag over ahah SHSL TAG ABUSER
drawrynn continues lying in bed o|-< whens the last time i even drew actual fea armor/clothes hahaha
art My art kaworu kaworu nagisa evangelion nge Shinji Ikari shinji kawoshin
neon genesis evangelion nge super smash brothers Shinji Ikari EVA 01 ssb
nge eva this is the worst joke i have ever made
ask kaworu nagisa evangelion nge Shinji Ikari kawoshin Qworu THIS BLOG IS NOT DEAD UNTIL IM DEAD (figuratively speaking) thank you all the people who are still following this blog as i crawl back from midterms heres some trajicks to show the pain ive gone through the qworu dilemma
[雨の森] A World With You In It
Title: A World With You In It Circle: 雨の森 [pixiv ID 12419] Scanlation: wheres-the-phone Pairing: Kawoshin with hints of Marisuka Rating: PG-13 [Download]