• My art Fanbook Haikyuu!! kagehina finallyyy kagehina fanbook you can take a closer look if you open the info images in a new tab i wanted to print out the stickers and the charm but my printer ink went out ofc... why @printer it's my first fanbook so i'm not sure if something is missing but if you have any questions please ask me anytime!! plus i decided to make a giveaway for you babies <3 (i will post the first pages soon too) fantakoi •

? “closer” - a kageyama/hinata fanbook ?

  • soft cover with perfect binding, B5 size (17 x 24 cm)
  • 64 full color pages, including:
  • a 50 page full color comic (in english, completed)
  • unseen illustrations
  • guest art by wonderful artists: kuikune, silencedmoment, penkipenguin, ubrot, and kandismon
  • every pre-order comes with a sticker set, postcard + limited postcard set (all 3 postcards are high gloss uv coated)
  • 23 € (27 € for limited bundle*) | currency converter EURO - USD: (x)

PREORDER HERE (preorder phase ends on September 13, 2015)

EDIT: preorder phase (+ giveaway) ends on September 17, 2015!!

EDIT: limited bundle is SOLD OUT. thank you ???

*more infos about the giveaway, limited extras, shipping, and regular order can be found under the read more ? thank you so much for your support!!


to enter the raffle simply reblog this post before the preorder phase ends. you can reblog it as often as you want (each reblog counts, likes don’t count). you don’t have to follow me, so please don’t feel pressured to do so because of the giveaway (it’s appreciated ofc) <3. a random number generator will be used. the winner will be announced in mid September. i’ll contact the winner through tumblr, so please leave your askbox open. if the winner doesn’t contact me back in 3 days i’ll have to choose a new winner.

the winner of the giveaway gets one free copy with all extras (limited bundle), including shipping costs!

in case you’ve already placed an order you’ll get a refund of your payment and the limited bundle comes to you for free instead!


pre-order (23 €) includes: fanbook, sticker set, postcard + limited postcard set (all postcards are high gloss uv coated)

limited bundle (27 €) includes: fanbook, sticker pack (6 stickers), kagehina keychain with randomly colored pastel star, postcard + limited postcard set (all postcards are high gloss uv coated)

regular order (23 €) includes: fanbook, sticker set, postcard (high gloss uv coated)

PDF file (price to be estimated, approx. 6 - 8 €): pdf file download of the fanbook (high resolution)


regular order starts as soon as the preorders have been shipped (around mid / late September). you’ll then have the option to download the PDF file in the shop, too.


international shipping: 7,60 € // Germany: 3,40 €

as soon as the preorder phase ends I’ll give the copies into print. It takes a week to finish the prints. after this I will start shipping (mid September).


international orders: paypal only // Germany (+ Austria + Switzerland) : paypal + direct bank transfer


if you have any questions / problems with your order please contact me via e-mail: fantakoi@kandikoi.com

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