• My art Haikyuu!! Karasuno kagehina asanoya daisuga tsukkiyama (i secretly drew them in my fav pairs) whY are passionfruit flowers so complicated RIP hq fruit fairies librebananr •

karasuno fruit fairies !! inspired by my convo with @cutiekeiji

(description under read more)

• Kageyama - Blueberry (bcos he is a blueberry prince)
• Hinata - Starfruit (self explanatory)
• Ennoshita - Rockmelon (an underrated fruit that is surprisingly colourful on the inside! i also chose rockmelon because ennoshita will be karasuno’s new ‘rock’ when daichi graduates)
• Yamaguchi - Strawberry (he looks like one lets face it)
• Tsukki - Banana (because it is shaped like a crescent moon and he is long like a banana)
• Daichi - Apple (classic fruit salad base goes with every fruit and u kinda forget about it sometimes but when u think about it it is one of the best fruits)
• Suga - Sugarplum (because > sugaplum (also he cute like a plum))
• Tanaka - Dragonfruit (ryuu = dragon and it is perfectly ott)
• Asahi - Watermelon (looks really tough and hard on the outside but is actually v soft and squishy inside. the water is asahi’s tears)
• Noya - Passionfruit (duh noya is flaming passion!!)

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haikyuu sorry for the long post kagehina asanoya daisuga tsukiyama tanakaxhimself I just wanted to draw karasuno babes so
trying to explain my OTP and everyone else is like
cute Fanart comic fave translation au kageyama Hinata megane asahi Haikyuu!! yamaguchi Tsukki Karasuno kagehina noya asanoya tsukkiyama
Person: THAT’S your OTP?! But you can’t ship that!  Me: 
art is hard haikyuu Haikyuu!! sawamura daichi sugawara koushi breaks down daisuga i'M N oT OK hq!!: fanart wheezes for breath these two fucks are destroying my health
merchandise Official Art Haikyuu!! kagehina also daisuga eating in the first one tsukiyama too the first and the last one I NEED IT like A WALL VERSION next to my bed but i think that they are only puzzle still....
YES I SHIP IT tanaka tsukishima kei kageyama tobio hinata shouyou Haikyuu!! Yamaguchi Tadashi sawamura daichi azumane asahi sugawara koushi Nishinoya Yuu kagehina tanaka ryuunosuke asanoya daisuga tsukiyama volleyball baes and tanaka swny swny haikyuu Tanaka x yamamoto
maybe not long post Haikyuu!! kagehina kind of??? karotries daisuga daisuga week I MAY DO ANOTHER 'FAMILY' PROMPT COUSE IT'S MY FAV i feel like i've done a mistake somewhere... hmm...
My art Fanart kageyama tobio hinata shouyou Haikyuu!! HQ!! kagehina
My art Fanart kageyama tobio hinata shouyou Haikyuu!! HQ!! kagehina kagehinakage month This was so fun to draw I was laughing in every panel asjdasdf
My Design Haikyuu!! kagehina fan merch daisuga asanoy I hope you'll consider it there's like symbolism and stuff