• My art Haikyuu!! Karasuno kagehina asanoya daisuga tsukkiyama (i secretly drew them in my fav pairs) whY are passionfruit flowers so complicated RIP hq fruit fairies librebananr •

karasuno fruit fairies !! inspired by my convo with @cutiekeiji

(description under read more)

• Kageyama - Blueberry (bcos he is a blueberry prince)
• Hinata - Starfruit (self explanatory)
• Ennoshita - Rockmelon (an underrated fruit that is surprisingly colourful on the inside! i also chose rockmelon because ennoshita will be karasuno’s new ‘rock’ when daichi graduates)
• Yamaguchi - Strawberry (he looks like one lets face it)
• Tsukki - Banana (because it is shaped like a crescent moon and he is long like a banana)
• Daichi - Apple (classic fruit salad base goes with every fruit and u kinda forget about it sometimes but when u think about it it is one of the best fruits)
• Suga - Sugarplum (because > sugaplum (also he cute like a plum))
• Tanaka - Dragonfruit (ryuu = dragon and it is perfectly ott)
• Asahi - Watermelon (looks really tough and hard on the outside but is actually v soft and squishy inside. the water is asahi’s tears)
• Noya - Passionfruit (duh noya is flaming passion!!)

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