• My art i ahve about a million thingvs to do and really detailed art is not one of those things fuck me i wasted like 2 hrs on this ifml steve-rogers •
My art i ahve about a million thingvs to do and really detailed art is not one of those things fuck me i wasted like 2 hrs on this ifml

it would be funny if you guys didn’t do this EVERY MORNING

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skyward sword legend of zelda fuji why fuji is stupid giveaway bullshit i figure someone wont mind a broken sword unlike me I'M CRAZY
YouTube my stuff charlie mcdonnell charlieissocoollike you know anyway igif charlie is so cool like charles joseph mcdonnell you know; cause only the five first tags count and stuff i'm really happy for charlie like seriously happy khjfsdkjlgha being the persn that he is; i'm sure it was not easy for him to do this IT'S JUST WEIRD THAT IT'S WEIRD! i loved the video i loved bryaly and i don't care if this was giffed a million times he loves her he's my baby and i needed to do this okay? thank you :3
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homestuck and i guess art or some shit my hand slipped my hand slipped hundreds of times although i did lear a lot about drawing those things from this for example shapes that are not symmetrical look really cool and rounder shapes look better
art homestuck Fanart kanaya maryam unlimited gratitude
castiel cas drei art hi my name is drei and i like to draw castiel in non-canon outfits and also wings i'm SO FREAKING ART BLOCKED so i'm proud of myself for being able to do this at all a reality show about stage magicians a reality show about stage magicians fanart the reference i used for his outfit can be found on my blog under 'references'
1k One Direction 1D okay a lot but anyway i thought it was funny sydknee 1dc this gifset really made me appreciate kiss you like before and a little bit ridic not a little like they hyped up this video? there is no plot like i don't even know what is going on but when i started looking for idiotic moments in their older videos i couldn't find any like none in gby at all a litte in wymb i just realized how much i appreciated kiss you because it is our boys they are idiots and they were finally really allowed to be fav okay and lwwy i could have made this entire gifset out of those two alone i love my idiots
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“Louis’s a good complement to Harry’s raspy voice. Their voices sound rea...
sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch this is a queue a study in pink i'm not here aka the things I do when I'm bored as fuck still really confused how to tag these things man if I wanted to be obnoxious I would tag everything I saw but let's not would be funny tho kinda funny the kind of funny that only makes me laugh because I'm an idiot wow my teacher would slap my face if he saw these fonts but I would hit him back because hitting is rude because life and school
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