• My art i ahve about a million thingvs to do and really detailed art is not one of those things fuck me i wasted like 2 hrs on this ifml steve-rogers •
My art i ahve about a million thingvs to do and really detailed art is not one of those things fuck me i wasted like 2 hrs on this ifml

it would be funny if you guys didn’t do this EVERY MORNING

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My art i ahve about a million thingvs to do and really detailed art is not one of those things fuck me i wasted like 2 hrs on this ifml
cat art color anyway i hate this post so much ketsu arts okay how do i tag this literally how the hell do i tag this it's hard to draw things that are non-fandom in nature i was going to include a tg character in there but then i can't find the right size for this perspective things thingy* not things pfft i tried to do something different this time the bg was referenced of course how the hell else can i draw bgs given my mediocre art skills lmao i used a colour palette for the colours and added in my own colours sooooooooooooo idk the combination looks p pleasing to me idk about you random cat in there bc yknow 'centre of attention' and shit maybe it's not centre of attention enough bc it's still not the first thing i see when i look at this picture crey i am a failure do not look at me i have three million ideas for edits (rly simple ones tho) that i have yet to get to like i've had them in mind for like a month but then i was too lazy to do it laziest person on earth that is me okay i should stop ranting in the tags im sorry people removed my comment and added their own and i want to delete this post off everyones blogs fuck this post and fuck the person who removed the comment i wonder how many notes this will get
My art NSFW sniggystardust su nsfw while i was drawing this is kinda thought of it as a photo greg might have taken of her i think i should take a break from the art trades tho cause im having fun but im like weirdly competitive about getting my half done first and im procrastinating on things i really need to do
ghost sorry! Mystery Skulls Animated mystery ben Hooboy this is a long post
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Live and Learn on kazoos
harry potter My art ... remus lupin marauders tonks remus x tonks remadora hp fanart still not sure about the colours but it's hard to match a palette to Tonk's hair oh and I really like this style there are only 3 leyers: sketch; grey scale and colours and then like 3000000 fuck me twice colour layers to different mods done in sai and ps and sai and ps and my laptop says NOOOooOONNOOOoo you loser GOAwAY go use your sketchbook gO traDITional NoOOOAAHAHH live mE alone i wANt to dieeeee and my tablet sobs please pleas don't kill me pppleease and I say HAHAHA YAAASSS now I'm gonna decide which version of these 34857987057 versions of my drawing is the best YES YES!!@?*& 3% or 7% opacity YEESSS YEESSSS but the result is quite ok I guess and I have a new icon :)))
My art Korra the legend of korra Asami Sato Korrasami I finally finished it! after a million times the power went out and my computer froze plus tumblr wasn't letting me upload this >:/ anyway. I tried to do test a few things with this comic. like textures and cell shading it was fun. but too much work gahh I need to be faster with those! well anything for my beloved dork babies
good yes good for a while hello new people WHERE ARE THOSE NEW FOLLOWERS COMING FROM OH MY GOD I HOPE THAT YOU ARE HAVING A GOOD DAY Only one more exam friends! Then I'll be free thing is I do not know when the exam actually is and it's not on the exam plan either and only like 3 people from this class are writing an exam and I can't contact them because I don't know their names or anything I could probably write to the teacher but I'm too afraid to do this because I already wrote her a billion mails over the last few months because every week and I really mean every week I forgot something in her classroom and sometimes it was something important like last week I forgot ALL OF MY NOTES ABOUT EVERYTHING in this class and I really needed them for learning so I wrote her a mail if she had seen them and it turned out that she had started to take my lost things with her so they won't get lost and I'm just so sorry for this she is such a nice person I can't write her another Sorry I forgot another thing mail so probably I will just camp in the classroom the next week
skyward sword legend of zelda fuji why fuji is stupid giveaway bullshit i figure someone wont mind a broken sword unlike me I'M CRAZY
Today in my nerd class my teacher casually mentioned that Jotunheim is an actual place in Norway, and I dropped my pen and stopped breathing briefly. Looked it up: it’s real. Jotunheimen National Park.   Actual Fucking Jotunheim LOOK ME IN THE EYE AND TELL ME THAT ISN’T A JOTUN THAT CAUGHT THE SU...
myart tutorial art tutorial step by step mouth tutorial