• My art one punch man speed of sound sonic wHERE IS THE OVA I STILL CANT FIND IT ;_________; ANYONE KNOW WHERE I COULD WATCH IT? any weibo or baidu link??? anything??? im so frustated im sorry s-haa •

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louis tomlinson Harry Styles Larry Stylinson mine :( but yeah hl By the way LARRY IS REAL louis harry larry kiss larry fanart sorry about the watermark but i loved it its not mine idk how to feel about it i didnt know where to put it so its the final result its the best i could do without harry I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THE CAPTION COMES FROM I FOUND IT A WHILE AGO AND I LOVED IT SO IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE IT COMES FROM ILL CREDIT IT AND IM SORRY IF ITS ANY OF YOU'S AND IM SORRYµ
gifs Alex Turner i love you more than anything my arms are burnijng my chest my hands feel so cold its that feeling they feel so cold but so warm at the same time my chest is burnigjn every little part of me is burning and i cant get over any of what happened this afternoon how real it felt your hands i cant get over how i could almost feel them how warm they probably were at those moments im so sorry for being away all this time im just gonna pretend you know why you know somehow i love you my angel i love you im so sorry for the low quality of the gifs (it was the same reason as always)
my edits sonic manga coloring opm one punch man speed of sound sonic opmc im in the mood to make edits c:
My art long post I dk what is this actually I DONT KNOW WHAT IM DRAWING comics is too ahrd im sorry if htis doesn't make any sense ?? I im rtired idk what im writing evenrhignt makes  no sense IM THE MOST INCONSISTENT DRAWER I CAN SEE THE CHARS CHANIGNG 20 TIMES IN THIS COMIC ps if anyone has a good name pls let me know i don' have any name for this ok im realizing that everything is so abrupt maybe trying to stuff everythign inot 11 pics wasn't a good idea cries slowly and goes to bed
my gif mine once upon a time 2x02 3x13 leroy 1k* ouat spoilers 2k* 3k* ouatedit leroyedit i think there's other moments where he did the thing but im too lazy to find where im so sorry i cant gif tonight
giveaway goddamn it he im doing it again ohnoooooo
Thor avengers age of ultron should i tag this one spoilers??? its rly not I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO IM SORRY also did u guys notice thor throwin those files so angrily I LOVE... THOR...
1k one piece my baby sanji Straw Hat Crew still love you OPfanart just sketches if you think i would miss this you don't know me at all sorry im just so busy these days ugh so no time for proper drawings sorry sanji it's still the 2nd where i am so happy birthday sanjji where ever the fuck you are
Joseph Joestar  Stardust Crusaders
English-American grandpa Joseph Joestar for the anon that requested it this morn...
sonic opm onepunch man one punch man speed of sound sonic dayd!stuff opm!stuff
sonic edit opm onepunch man one punch man speed of sound sonic lamourte!stuff
1k One Direction Niall Horan mine Niall gra HES THE BEST im so pathetic shit i cant find any good quotes how did people find so many good quotes seriously how i need to know i just could get it right oh dear btw happy birthday baby i love you so fukin much couldnt imagine my life without him tbh please be always happy i talked too much cuz im so emotional bruh