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Every now and then, seemingly out of nowhere, someone will reblog my last cover for Shameful Crushes. I couldn’t remember if I’d ever posted the other two, but here they are all together.

I want to do a Boys of Summer edition, but I really just want an excuse to use those beach photos of Thom Yorke. 

Uh, I should mention that these are all my own embarrassing crushes, I’m not just being a jerk about it. And I’m mostly embarrassed by how many celebrity crushes I have as an adult woman. 

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My art shameful crushes
  • most people talking about their crush:they're so kind, smart, funny, and super cute!
  • me talking about my crush:this FUCKING DORK what a TOTAL LOSER i'm gonna FIGHT this NERD
me love girl about me My art boy comic comic strip crush crushes blush sahco is this what you call emotion art i had to get this out somehow like how i feel atm this is basicly what happens
my edits Antonia Thomas girl crushes
star wars My art blood tw The Force Awakens kylo ren i just really don't wanna work +shameful self promotion *shitty drawn blood but jic tbh only did this because several people wanted the original sketch as a print but that thing makes my eyes bleed so
pretty cute Glitter kawaii pink transgender pixel art pixel GIRL CRUSH girl crushes kawaii pixels
dragon age dragon age 2 get some my art durrr theyre so cute my SIBLIGNS ARE SO CUT EIMMMM [LOUD KAZZO NOISES]
my stuff 5 tom hiddleston crushes i love these photos
my gifs Soccer USWNT hope solo woso NWSL footballer crushes
homestuck vriska serket karkat vantas aradia megido mspa mspaintadventures Zami'z art
Harry Styles One Direction * 1D lmao this is the most shameful thing i've made in my life i wanna hide my face w/e
kind of ruby shock can draw yo steven universe su spoilers steven bomb keystone motel my first contribution to the SU fandom is shameful and I'm not sorry