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My Asian Drama List

This is my crowning achievement. It is the list of Korean dramas that I have watched or am watching. The VVIP list is in order of my love for them while the other lists are in no particular order. These dramas are all Korean unless noted otherwise, and the shows with X I have watched more than once. Of course this is a work in progress, so please stayed tuned. My list of things I’m currently watching is basically shows that I have started and want to finish. I also listed the dramas I want to watch in the future at the bottom. Last updated 3/22/14


1.    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho X4
2.    Rooftop Prince X3
3.    Innocent Man/Nice Guy X3
4.    Summer Fever (Taiwanese)X2
5.    Ice Adonis
6.    I’m Sorry, I Love You
7.    Coffee Prince X3
8.    The Vineyard Man
9.    Arang and the Magistrate

Great Ones

10.   Dream High
11.   Me Too, Flower
12.   Can You Hear My Heart?
13.   Invincible Lee Pyung Kang
14.   Kpop Ultimate Audition
15.   Big 
16.   Secret Garden
17.   Shining Inheritance
18.   Boys Over Flowers
19.   Personal Taste X2
20.   49 Days
21.   City Hunter
22.   Queen In-Hyun’s Man
23.   Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Japanese)
24.   Hana Yori Dango (Japanese)
25.   Sungkyunkwan Scandal
26.   I Do, I Do
27.   Hana Kimi (Japanese)
28.   The Moon That Embraces the Sun
29.   Heartstrings
30.   Haeundae LoversX2
31.   Full House
32.   Answer Me 1997
33.   Faith
34.   The King of Dramas
35.   School 2013
36.   Fated to Love You (Taiwanese)
37.   Incarnation of Money
38.   Heartless City
39.   It Started With a Kiss (Taiwanese)
40.   Secret
41.   Just You (Taiwanese)
42.   The Heirs
43.   Good Doctor
44.   Master’s Sun
45.   My Love From Another Star

Good Ones

46.    Wild Romance
47.    Tamra, the Island
48.    Bridal Mask
49.    King 2 Hearts
50.    I Love Lee Tae Ri
51.    A Gentleman’s Dignity
52.    Couple Fantasy
53.    To the Beautiful You
54.    Lie To Me
55.    My Princess
56.    Protect the Boss
57.    Flower Boy Ramen Shop
58.    Scent of a Woman
59.    You Are Beautiful
60.    My Girl
61.    Shut Up Flower Boy Band
62.    Prosecutor Princess
63.    Goong
64.    Hello Miss
65.    Office Girls (Taiwanese)
66.    Spy Myung Wol
67.    Creating Destiny
68.    The Greatest Love
69.    Panda and Hedgehog 
70.    The Princess’ Man
71.    Full House Take 2
72.    King of Baking Kim Tak Gu
73.    What’s Up Fox?
74.    Flower Boy Next Door
75.    Padam Padam
76.    That Winter, the Wind Blows
77.    Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
78.    All About My Romance
79.    Gu Family Book
80.    When a Man’s in Love
81.    Something Happened in Bali
82.    Shark
83.    Her Legend

Meh, I finished them

84.    Pasta
85.    Playful Kiss
86.    My Lovely Sam Soon
87.    Mary Stayed Out All Night
88.    Stars Falling From the Sky
89.    Baby-Faced Beauty
90.    I Need Romance 2012
91.    Love Rain
92.    Take Care of the Young Lady
93.    Becoming a Billionaire
94.    I Miss You
95.    Autumn in My Heart
96.    It’s Ok, Daddy’s Girl
97.    Marry Him If You Dare
98.    Oh My Lady
99.    Hundred Year Inheritance

Couldn’t finish

100.    May Queen
101.   Cheongdam-dong Alice
102.   IRIS
103.   What’s Up
104.   You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin
105.   Loving You a Thousand Times
106.   Stairway to Heaven
107.   Que Sera Sera
108.   Crazy Love
109.   Passionate Love
110.   Goong S
111.   Sweet 18
112.   I Summon You Gold
113.   A Thousand Days Promise
114.   A Little Love Never Hurts

Currently watching and still undecided on final rating

115.   Golden Rainbow
116.   Can Love Become Money
117.   In a Good Way (Taiwanese)


Reply 1994
Bride of the Century
Emergency Couple
Beyond the Clouds
Jang Ok Jung Live in Love
Let’s Eat

I love your comments and suggestions, so please let me know if there is something I should watch.

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