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THE MODERN OLYMPIANS (females & males)

There is something dangerous about a teenage goddess. These abnormal, peculiar youths. One possesses a skilled tongue, silky and delicious, yet so dangerous, curled in a pool of poison. Another only wakes at the howling of her huntresses and another could make the world quake, her wit as her only weapon. One is beautiful and indispensable, she feeds the world with lies and burning ashes. Another tie souls to each other, leaving them to rot and decay together until only one survives and another became so sad and overpriced that she became something no one could receive, no one deserved. These girls were queens, rulers amongst men and feral beings that slowly learned, by the centuries, how to tame their darkness.

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The old gods are deadZeus sits at the bar, he’ll buy a thousand and one drinks and the girls who he smiles at will raise their eyebrows and think of the pepper spray tucked into their sleeves.Hera waits at home. She knows the numbers of all the girls and she has their facebooks open on the com...
Okay but imagine a punk Aphrodite, all tight, black leather jeans, white jack Daniels shirt and leather jacket with pastel pink hair flowing down her back. Activist Artemis running a shelter for abused women, contacting her sister Athena for support with legal battles. Hera running a boarding...
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i. athena dresses in cool, slick suits for office hours, and then after she clocks out, she beats her knuckles in on other people’s jawbones...
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  • Apollo:“all my boyfriends are dead and my girlfriends keep rejecting me”
  • Artemis:“dear brother have you ever considered celibacy”
  • Apollo:[muffled strangled noises of horror]
i often see all these poems and headcanons about modern greek gods and i yawn whenever they’re exclusively us-based because honestly hermes would be completely fascinated with traveling by plane. staying in a city for more than one day would be a preposterous idea when there’s a whole wo...
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