• MY EDIT vips ji i wanna see his face i seriously don't understand how cool and calm they were even that girl who screamed she was able to continue the convo like it's nothing AND THIS FAN IS SO AWESOME vji my ji edit btw the other female fan is so annoying ji was right to hang up on her yg-drag •

Jiyong loses his shit when the male fan, he called live, told him to wait

I live for VIPs’ sass

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MY EDIT the mortal instruments clary fray valentine morgenstern tmiedit jonathan morgenstern jocelyn fairchild i know there are swords as well but we barely know a thing about them now and no actual footage besides this is mostly done for my babies (i'm actually planning this other gifset but it's gonna be hugely inappropriate and stuff so yep first time for this innocent piece of trivia all morgensterns together stuff) anyway i started to bawl in the middle of this because do you realise the only thing that will remain of jonathan are going to be mentionings in histroy books on how monstrous he was and how beyond redemption THERE ARE NO FAMILY PICTURES NO PICTURES WHATSOEVER DOCUMMENTING HE EVEN HAD ANY LIFE APART FROM THAT CHAOS ANARCHY AND DESTRUCTION (well he didn't have did he? there was no family life for him no having garden parties with annoying aunts and uncles no embarassing pictures with his sister jocelyn would put on the fridge or even turn into paintings later on there is nothing he's gonna be ashes prejudice and hatred THAT'S WHAT HE WILL REMAIN FUCK MY LIFE) also that bit with morgenstern ring please this is an extract from my babies being inseparable killer siblings together au he puts it on clary's finger already wearing his own he kisses her palm and they clasp their hands together and he asks: you with me? and she nods: always and they set out for the world toleave their mark of fire of blood of passion and cruelty bless (p.s. jfc that deleted scene will be the death of me valentine is actually reaching out to stroke jonathan's hair and before that the way jocelyn is smiling to him liek to her precious baby boy pretending to sword fight SHOOT ME IN THE FACE WHY DON'T YOU!) (p.s.2. as for the mortal cup it's not exactly the morgensterns' legacy but valentine used it to control the demons and later on jonathan came up with the infernal cup idea based on the mortal cup to bring down the apocalypse)
Thor Natasha Romanoff black widow ignore me i neeeeeed it all things marvel totally pointless text post I'm just getting stupidly emotional over this even though I know he's probably not even reacting to her line in the full context scene and it's not like there's been any implication that the two of them hang out or know each other that well and I know like 90% of this is probably just in my head but I can't help it I've sort of lost control here
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MY EDIT the mortal instruments lena headey Xavier Samuel tmiedit jonathan morgenstern jocelyn fairchild eugh i don't like dreamcasting and i hate playing with the idea but this is everything to me and i need to release feels in photoshop and xavier works in my head better than evan will ever work (oops) anyway jesus christ this shakespeare and then she almost kills him and then he almost kills luke and yes please let there be blood anguish pain hatred anger bitterness AND SO MANY TEARING APART WHAT IFS jocelyn in my head is so torn though in the books she escapes to utter hatred and bigotism AND THAT QUOTE OMG SHE WANTS TO BE CERTAIN SHE WANTS TO BELIEVE SO MUCH HE IS A MONSTER because she didn't save him she couldn't save him and thought he died and felt relief though she shouldn't but no in my head he's THIS SORE SPOT FOREVER BLEEDING IN HER this firstborn beautiful son she was supposed to spoil to high heavens stroke his white hair and kiss his forehead with love and then he looked at her like he's empty and then she thought he has claws and she hates him for taking away her firstborn it's not even valentine's fault it's not blood's fault it's this child that was supposed to be her son and instead has black eyes and rotten heart and jonathan jesus christ he doesn't even despise her because she is a stranger cruel selfish shallow stranger who abandoned him BUT AT THE SAME he is so utterly utterly alone and he hates them both her and valentine for letting him be this NO ONE AND NOTHING WILL EVER BE THERE TO UNDERSTAND TO COMPASSIONATE TO KNOW TO LISTEN aaaah here for this i live and breathe the morgensterns' tragedy yes please
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