• my edits luffy They're hilarious my manga coloring opgraphics i love his faces so much OMG seriously i love this guy so much look at his adorable cute faces omg i wanna give him all the meat in the world i think i want to use one of these icons now lol nelkk •
my edits luffy Theymy edits luffy Theymy edits luffy They
my edits luffy Theymy edits luffy Theymy edits luffy They
my edits luffy Theymy edits luffy Theymy edits luffy They

30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 5 - Favorite Character Trait
? Luffy's adorable baka faces

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my edits luffy They're hilarious my manga coloring opgraphics i love his faces so much OMG seriously i love this guy so much look at his adorable cute faces omg i wanna give him all the meat in the world i think i want to use one of these icons now lol
adorable one piece luffy monkey d luffy that's all i have to say he's amazing punk hazard arc opgraphics I LOVE HIS SMILE SO MUCH he's such a cutie I can't his spirit too -Ève hush-
my edits luffy strawhats I love him okay shs my manga edits my manga coloring opgraphics my manga gif okay im so late birthday must be over for many people i still have a few hours to go been so sick the whole day and yesterday but i still managed to make this because LUFFY BECAUSE I LOVE THIS ADORABLE BAKA i love how he recruits his crew knows pain of others and WILL ALWAYS HELP THEM future PK edit is a little messy yeah loads of mistakes due to idk what and laziness
gif portal portal 2 atlas p-body omg p-body is so fucking cute i love this guy and look at atlas' little HANDS OMG ADKJFHASKJHSA oh my god they're so precious... whoever decided on the animation of these automata's eyes should be leader of the free world
my stuff one piece luffy Monkey D. Luffy Eiichiro Oda Manga Edits 3000 plus opgraphics HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU LOVABLE CREATURE!!!! my eternal favorite I just wanna hug him forever I couldn't decide which pic to use for the last one... so I used both ugh the hardest part of these is just finding all the right scenes it takes so long ugh but anything for you Luffy
mine edits edit Minato naruto love of my life Minato Namikaze :* namikaze minato mipato husbando my manga colorings narutographic naruedit BUT I LOVE U narutoall pffft hes so cute i couldn't resist thrse faces ;;_;; you're a precious dork u have killed me i love u like no other i'm sorry i didn't do a good job i still have so much to learn and so little partience.. i wish i was good at thisiisssk fisfszkf i love u until the end of time i stop the world and melt with you
Chris Evans Steve Rogers Marvel truly quality content to post just after hitting 10k followers.... wow i'm so sorry my blog is such a joke!!!! also thank you to everyone who sent me funny/bad pics of chris evans... this was honestly such fun to draw i like the top right one best also i think i have gotten slightly better at drawing chris evans' nose.... what a fun nose that is i love all the bumps i also love drawing his eyebrows because they are so expressive and large anyway time to draw all the sam wilson ideas I've had in my brain bc after i see aou next week i'll probs only want to draw that
gifs quotes graphics edward elric Fullmetal Alchemist fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood alphonse elric no this isn't shippy at all what are you talking about except i totally think it is for REASONS because let's just reflect on one singular fact for a second that fact being that edward was willing to give up EVERYTHING for his brother and in the end gives up the one thing that defines him the one thing that makes him who he is he doesn't do this for anyone else in the series the amount of sacrifice he makes for only alphonse is astonishing no one else gets that much of edward's devotion and love ed may love winry romantically but it will never compare to the bond he shares with al and the extent he will go for his brother's safety and if you disagree you clearly did not read/watch the same series as i did because seriously you cannot say that ed loves anyone as much as he loves al they're soulmates in the most literal sense because even in canon it's clearly stated that ed's soul is intertwined with al's it became that way when they lost their innocence when they tried to bring back their monther these two boys... i just love them so much
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan boys mine 1dec ok this is supposed to be ~funniest moment~ but i changed it to interview so many notable things about this first~~ when zayn says chocolate covered peanuts..that's srsly one of my fav zayn moments ever lol idk why but it cracks me up every time and his face after he says borat mankini KILLZ ME when liam goes YOU DON'T EVEN WANNA KNOW after the selen question omg harry's offended face after liam makes fun of his nipple zayn screaming even tho ppl give him that ~quiet mysterious~ label look at him he's loud and obnoxious and i love him for it also before the ~dance as bad as you can~ they say do your fav dance move and they do their typical routine and the next one is dance as bad as you can and harry continues with that dance LOL pls and them singing more than this is s00 good and they are actually coordinated esp when harry says YEAH and they all pull in together OH MY GOD i'm gonna stop i just have so many feels i've watched this interview so many times the box interviews are always a+ OMG ALSO when they are kissing the camera and liam is literally lifting them up when zayn says CAN I HAVE A LIFT UP it's so cute ok i'm done 4real now
concept art and i want because Air Acolytes practically art book one that guy in the middle I want to know more about him he and gao could be bff's to storyboard a sequence with korra and the airbender kids causing mayhem and destruction and interact with the acolytes I love background characters so much and I wanna cry because we know nothing about them besides what Mike said I want to include them in scenes especially when they're a part of the location book one made it feel deserted besides the OWL guards Korra and Tenzin's family except when they needed air acolytes for things like cleaning up korra's mess and carrying in asami's luggage and pema's delivery doesn't even need to be anything big with them but just incorporating them more in scenes in the future would be lovely forgive my wall of tags I really love these character designs I just wish we could've seen more of them and actually I don't think all of these were used so
photoset e he's the cutest omg sIfhudg I cried while I edited these these are all my fave pic of him I just i love his smile and laugh so much
one piece animanga opgraphics opanniversary i...really dont have anymore tags to had tbh like im not tagging everyone wow man all of these mean so much like tHEY MATTER SO MUCH especially the ones where you werent really expecting to see the character like that arlong's a huge example anD MAN KYROS IS SO RECENT like it still hurts so much i was making this graphic and read his entire flashback again holy shit oda didnt hold back on this one at all