• * my edits mine gifs* The Flash snowstorm i'm not fixing it Ronnie Raymond Caitlin Snow theflashedit *the flash snowstormedit otp: i'm connected to you too *snowstorm the black and white gifs look different like i used different colorings but i didn't i already closed photoshop stilinksihales •

there is no normal life for us. you will always risk your life to try and help people, and I will always be the guy that runs into that pipeline for you.

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my gifs mine Teen Wolf seizure warning caitlin stiles stilinski twedit caitlin x stiles staitlin i love this scene but i hate how the gifs flash completely white sometimes stupid fucking strobe light but seriously i love caitilin so fucking much more of her always
gif One Direction Niall Horan mine 1D on tumblr i bow down to her sorry im on my laptop and the colorings and lighting always look different than in ps MAGS MAKES THE BEST GIFS like was there ever a question about that
1k gif* The Flash barry allen oliver queen theflashedit oliver's dramatic entrances/exits is what i live for he's just like peace out homie i hope central city is kinder to you than starling city if not good luck flashedit barry has such big heart eyes for oliver i'm done i have failed this city with this gifset i'm sorry
game of thrones mine* gotedit jon x robb otp: will you look the same when i meet you up there? gotjonsnow gotrobbstark suuuuuprise i made a jon/robb thing but i just love this quote so muuuuch and my new laptop has totally different colors so i have to make new colorings but so far i kinda like this one (also kings!!! lords!!! battle commanders!!!)
doctor who matt smith mine Eleven jenna louise coleman dwedit clara oswald m: doctor who m: edits it looks like crap the time of the doctor this is so ugly i'm crying i have typos damnit which i edited away but it's too late ugH I WILL NEVER BE OKAY AGAIN i spent like 5 hours on this whelps ALSO HE DIDN'T SAY GERONIMO WHEN HE REGENERATED I'M SO ANGRY AND SAD AND EVERYTHING IS A WRECK actually tbh only the fourth picture is crappy I like the first second third fifth and eighth one ish
:) 1k © tutorial coloring tutorial this literally took me hours please let me know what you think or if there is any mistakes i'm happy to help if you need more!
gif mine summer game of thrones bran stark got i don't know what happened Bran stupid photoshop I just got a new laptop *THIS IS MY FIRST LAPTOP I'M SO EXCITED* but when i moved the file to edit it all the colours were really different and when I went to save them they were different again? also I started watching stargate atlantis I used to watch it when I was ounger but I forgot (but I can remember all the characters it's weird)
my gifs Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien au whoops but here you go stiles stilinski derek hale tyler hoechlin umm... hof sorry anon Sterek linden ashby Sheriff Stilinski skau thiis didn't turn out like I wanted this is for that anon who kinda asked for this but not really because it ended u going in a completely different direction than I thought it woul??? i'm not very good at prompt fills haha look how quick stiles change his tune when he realised his tutor looked like that
my gifs supernatural Jensen Ackles bloopers enjoy! you are perfect to me GAG REELS There's hundreds of clips of him dancing at cons and such but I wanted to make it just about the set Sorry it's not colorful and beautiful With so many different colorings and lightings to begin with it was just easier to go with basic colorings
* request tutorial photoshop tutorial ps tutorial font tutorial idk this took f o r e v e r man i'm so sorr y it's so confusing
* pretty little liars gifs pll xx pllgif pllcolors yup i know my baby yas already made this but i had to plus i did my best to make something different but blahhh this is so ugly i literally quit yeah it looks hideous i'm not even going to look hashtag you tried
mine edits edit Minato naruto love of my life Minato Namikaze :* namikaze minato mipato husbando my manga colorings narutographic naruedit BUT I LOVE U narutoall pffft hes so cute i couldn't resist thrse faces ;;_;; you're a precious dork u have killed me i love u like no other i'm sorry i didn't do a good job i still have so much to learn and so little partience.. i wish i was good at thisiisssk fisfszkf i love u until the end of time i stop the world and melt with you