• my gif 1k mine TMP when harry met sally otp: unlamp like feelings i might make a part 2 if i find other moments i missed or in a future episode mindyswift •

The Mindy project + When Harry met Sally

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my gif 1k mine TMP when harry met sally otp: unlamp like feelings i might make a part 2 if i find other moments i missed or in a future episode
gif 1k 2k Buffy the vampire Slayer BTVS buffy summers Willow Rosenberg 3k btvs edit buffyplus i think i missed quite a few moments tho but these were the ones i could find so far if i find more i might make another one also i changed the font for the text in the gifs and i think i'll stick to this one wooo
1k super junior 2PM teen top Big Bang exo shinee B1A4 suju bigbang nu'est NUEST idols my bullshit BTOB born to beat here it is yo part two since everyone was saying i forgot btob hahhaha and yes i know i could have found better shinee and bb moments but when you're not in the fandom it's really hard to find a moment especially since i only use moments were most of the members are involved well yes so ehh hope you like it that no one said i forgot teen top is a miracle come on if someone's crazy it's them okay over to tagging all these dorks and the worst thing is that there is still enough dorks to make a part three i really struggled with the shinee gif i had to shorten it a lot and lower the vibrance so
1k movies *gifs Billy Crystal meg ryan when harry met sally movies gifs ??? eh idkk yeah i watched this bc of tmp so what
my gif doctor who Donna Noble Rose Tyler Martha Jones I might make a part 2 to this because EVERYTHING MAKES ME CRY
1k mine vikings Historyvikings mine:vikings vikingsedit vikings season 2 vikings s2 vikings:titles reedited a lot of these all these sets will make my search for certain moments in certain episodes so much easier i always forget what happens when these will help with that
gif * mine the mindy project gif: the mindy project otp: handsome jerk mindy x danny tmp spoilers danny's so happy that they made it to the party and his little grin like that's my girl ruining her jerk ex's weddings just like they all deserve (i want to make more gifs from this episode but that might have to wait for after i do some real work)
God bye mine: gif Coach Finstock Bobby Finstock Orny Adams show: teen wolf twedit mine xoxo stilesies fun fact: coach is actually my favorite character and if he turns out to be dead i will set fire to not only the rain but everything i can find but yeah !!!!!!!!!! some coach appreciation when he was talking about isaac and stiles this episode i remembered this moment and like literally teared up because this scene made me cry when i first saw it he cares so much about these kids you know???? and he wants to see them succeed like yeah his role is mainly comic relief but god when he's allowed those moments or lines of levity it's like a kick in the teeth he's not the best teacher but he's better than harris because he actually GIVES A SHIT these kids are his life this school is his life he's invested in them and i'M INVESTED IN HIM SO HE BETTER NOT BE DEAD
* feelings dick grayson young justice yj plus cadmus ive watched this episode like 500 times and i never noticed this line when i found out today i spit water all over my bed i thought the other gif like this was a manip YJ S01E02 Young justice: fireworks Doctor Desmond
1k $ Sam Claflin he's such an angel sclaflinedit i just really wanted to gif him theres no other point in this
my gifs Billy Crystal favoritemovies meg ryan when harry met sally gif: when harry met sally perfect movie ;___;
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