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my gif 1k MY EDIT block B so hot T_T zico P.O oh gosh blockbgif zipyo

Zico&&Pyo @ S/S 2014 Seoul Fashion Week

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way too many people are putting Zico in the “name three idols you’d want on your side in a fight” post like are you serious that kid can’t even play-wrestle with Park Kyung without needing his inhaler
Block B’s Zico Asks No-Name Rappers Their Affiliation on “Show Me The Money 4? Because..?
Block B‘s Zico turned out to be one strict judge during the preliminary round of the audition for Mnet‘s rapper competition show “Show Me the Money 4“. He never forgets to offer a handshake and praise their efforts once the personal audition is done. Many have wondered, however, about why he kept as...
1k * lotredit *lotr *tolkien tolkienedit blue is my favourite colour <33 also FIXED (for those of you who noticed the spelling error in Merry's name oh gosh)
gif 1k block B zico block b gif color gif this is a queue cause im gohn smtm4 yeah you're right u like a fuckin nerdass this contestant was cute lmfao gif: smtm4
block B zico Taeil Jaehyo Park Kyung P.O U-Kwon ukwon B-Bomb Bbomb kyung Woo Jiho lee minhyuk Pyo Jihoon ahn jaehyo Lee taeil kim yukwon obbgif i will come only by the night so i'll drop my little homage now ;-; sorry about any typos or grammar mistakes I'm not an English native speaker so sorry for writting too much too i either write/talk too much or anything at all you don't need to read everything otl
can you tell I’m having too much fun
so there’s this site which analyzes faces and tells you the gender and age of the person depicted and it’s past midnight and I’m laughing so hard I can feel my abs formingwhatever photo of Jiho you put there, he’s always a womani can’tSIXTY SIX AND SIXlook at this
gifs mine block B winner zico mino song mino smtm4 thank you so much zico feel like he's the only one understand mino's struggle is it just me or zico was about to cry
block B my stuffs zico block b family chronicle giffing things cause I have too many random Block b videos downloaded and I'm finally deleting them
1k mygif 2k block B asshole zico im just gonna... leave this here okay fuckin amazinggggggg
omg block B speed tablo zico epik high Woo Jiho Taewoon woo taewoon woo brothers smtm4 how do you guys make such quality gifs with a low quality video?? I have to learn how to gif jiho's like 'bitch that's my fckng brO right here how could U'