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Zankyou no Terror: Scenery.

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^ T_T znt zntgif grm zankyou no terror terror in tokyo arata kokonoe toji hisami lisa mishima zntedit shibazaki kenjirou ^gif kanerdki hope you like it lyn!! last ep :) colouring this took me long enough
Twelve sura!gifs gtkme zankyou no terror terror in tokyo terror in resonance lisa mishima FINALLY...... ....AFTER 4 MONTHS I FINALLY MADE SOMETHING i...have no words i just hope this isnt ugly rip also i basically rewatched znt for this edit and im :-) fine :-)))) i have no soul after all :-))))))))))))0
request mygif ahhhhhhh zankyou no terror couldnt find a GOOD torrent for this series just found this opening and ending in bluray the rest is just awful quality or hardsubbed
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My art gif warning blood tw tgre Tokyo Ghoul Kirishima Touka tokyo ghoul art Tokyo Ghoul RE my precious little bunny deserves the best!! this gifs dimensions are so weird i had to destroy the quality rip me ://