• my gifs animals cute chicken chickens This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen there is no love like the love between a boy and his chicken hannahbowl •
my gifs animals cute chicken chickens This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen there is no love like the love between a boy and his chicken my gifs animals cute chicken chickens This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen there is no love like the love between a boy and his chicken

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*gif Teen Wolf 2.08 Scott McCall isaac lahey twgif scisaac scott x isaac *all twedit gdi i searched for a gifset of this scene the whole day had to do it myself then bc i have things 2 say (this is becoming a mantra lately) also in slow motion bc then u can see the exact moment isaac fell in love but yeah no obvious shipping bias aside this is one of my fav moments of this show because it says so much about these two characters like look at isaac in the first 2 gifs this kid hasn't had anybody care for him in who knows how long so the idea that scott meant him when he said 'be careful' doesn't even cross his mind so absurd it is and when he realises scott was talking about his safety he is comepletely speechless bc at this point in his life literally no one cares about him like derek only turned him for his own selfish purposes and deals rather roughly with everyone on his new pack erica and boyd are friends with each other but not really with isaac or at least that's the feeling i get when i watch them interact and then you have scott right here who absolutely has no reason at all to give a shit about isaac bc really it's not as if isaac was ever nice to him (he even tried to kill scott's friends) but he does anyway because that's how scott is so yeah this scene is a huge thing for isaac bc this is the moment he realises that there might be ppl who care and that's why he puts so much trust in scott bc scott is literally the first person to show any concern for his well-being and i have so much more to say but it'd take up too much space and i'm crying now anyway bc these 2 reasons scott mccall is perfect tbh
my gifs cute tom interview tom hiddleston i can't hiddles i love it hiddleston things i love hiddlestoners hiddlestoner Thomas Hiddleston tom hiddleston gif you might enjoy these ones a bit more dude you need to stop frowning his eyebrows this does things to me i caaaaaaaan't i'm probably the only one
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food edit chicken yum nom thailand Thai milk tea Thai food Curry Chicken Curry Green Curry Yellow Curry Pineapple fried rice Mango Salad Papaya salad Thai iced tea
fall out boy everytime seriously i love this i mean look at joe he is like noah and they are all the animals and they're going to get on his ark and have a party and fall in love
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* infinite Dongwoo jang dongwoo I need a moment ifntmeme i Know that i should've picked a bias but making me choose between myungsoo and sungyeol is really cruel so i chose dongwoo bc he's literally the best human being i've ever seen in my life he's the sweetest cutest kindest funniest little thing he's also so outgoing and genuine i love him so much you have no idea i could use countless words to describe him yet none would be negative HE IS SO PRECIOUS U DONT UNDERSTAND off topic but that is not a fantaken picture you know i'd never do zat it's from newsen thanks cate for the idea!
The transition from Sméagol to Gollum remains one of the most terrifying things i have ever seen in ...
I mean okay the guy is a lil’ creeper from the start But then what the fuck no wait pls whAT THE FUCK IS THAT FLAPS OF SKIN HANGING OFF YOU AND SHIT *HEART-A-STROKE* SWEET JESUS SPARE ME FUCKING NO MORE OKAY I FUCKING REPENT MOTHERFUCKER I CAN’T TAKE ANYMO——- aww look...
mine supernatural dean winchester castiel destiel mine: gifs spnedit spnedits i say this a lot but one of the reasons why i developed such a love for this pairing is the sheer growth of it how dean was the weary fighter desperately fumbling his way through the battlefield which became his life how cas began as a stoic little soldier mindlessly obeying an absent father and gradually over time like pieces of the most fucked up jigsaw they both became broken and scattered then slowly pieced together again bit by agonizing bit no one can say that the jigsaw is perfect and it's definitely not complete the edges are still pretty roughened and there are quite a few holes which need patching up but there's one thing I'm certain of I'm not leaving until this puzzle is finished