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my gifs bb Tom Hardy precious bb ily.
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my gifs tom hiddleston Thor loki precious bb loki before shit hit the fan
my gifs lmao Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner ily Matt Helders ALEX PLS bless the precious bb he's so pleased with himself in the second gif
you know what pisses me off? Russia’s hair just look look closely at that hair notice anything? maybe anything like how it NEVER GOES IN THE SAME DIRECTION? and this is all official art I swear! but do you have any idea how hard it is to get a proper damn reference picture ...
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Demi Lovato gifs 1kplus bb girl ): ily
my edits tom hiddleston the gathering storm Randolph Churchill BB!Hiddles he's just to precious look at the hair and the face *tgs
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1k Teen Wolf I mean what Holland Roden gifs(3) lydia martin i finally found my coloring anchor but bb precious princess she looks so freaking flawless
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