• my gifs flint gi joe SamWinchester GI Joe Retaliation this gifset is very important dj cotrona the most important work i have ever done and i promised to tag nana in important things dj may regret gi joe but i never will llavelan •

a very important gifset

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my gifs flint gi joe SamWinchester GI Joe Retaliation this gifset is very important dj cotrona the most important work i have ever done and i promised to tag nana in important things dj may regret gi joe but i never will
either way gi joe butreally Snake Eyes GI Joe Retaliation storm shadow youcan'ttellmethiswasunnecessary Ifsomeonedidthisalready then oops BUT NOT REALLY. HAVE MORE { I did a thing; }
1k mine Lee Pace halt and catch fire joe macmillan this is the most important shit i;ve ever made [died horny]
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neither of them is actually gay i whisper angrily as i close out yet another tab of slashfic they both have genuine emotional, romantic, and sexual attractions to women in canon and genuine emotional, romantic, and sexual relationships with women so unless you have a damn good theory about how they ...
1k MY EDIT never 500 my graphic The Flash barry allen ovrdressed2kill's gifs Joe West theflashedit flashedit joewestedit WHEN WILL YOUR FAVE TOUCH JOE WEST i may have cried when giffing this
Firefly Simon Tam River Tam Gena makes stuff Gena's gifs fireflyedit fsedits Just... everything about this scene. She touches his face to make sure he's real. That he's actually there. She waited at least two years for him. I don't blame her. Two years. She wrote and he didn't come for so very long. Through no fault of his own really. It was so hard to get to her. And they certainly didn't help her doubts. 'I would like please to see him.' 'Well I'm sure he's very busy.' 'Yes. Yes I'm sure.' Your brother is an extremely skilled surgeon. You don't want to take him away from his work do you? He has very important things to do. He's doing good work. Just like we're doing good work here. When they're in her head it must've been very hard not to listen. Not to believe he's wrapped up in more important things. But now he's here. And he's actually there. And when she tells him she doubted You can see him going through all the possible responses 'Of course I'd come for you.' 'I would never leave you there like that.' 'You needed me.' etc etc Going through his roles as her protector; as someone who's entire purpose now is to keep her safe. But the one he decides on in the end is entirely he as her brother. And I just can't handle that right now. (Ugh. Someone give Sean Maher another interesting role.) The Tam siblings are so important to me. Sidenote: this gifset is a great illustration of the 180 degree rule.
On Korra's Character Development
I have seen an unfathomable amount of hatred from the fanbase directed at Korra’s emotional journey, and I say “unfathomable” because to me, her arc over the last book was the crowning achievement of either Avatar series. It was difficult to watch at times because I honestly and t...
edit pete wentz fob fall out boy Patrick Stump joe trohman andy hurley and i finally did it SUCCESSPOST pax am days i've been wanting to make this since it was released andy isn't in this edit but i'll tag him anyway
* gifs like ... but maggie greene twd spoilers twdedit tara chambler tara x maggie BUT LISTEN maggara otp: you're here with us now otp: you are one of the most important people in the world to me maggaraedit sold my soul tbh how can you not ship these wonderful ladies in any way to be honest I'LL FOLLOW YOUR LEAD are u kiddin ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT i thought about you... you tell me what YOU wanna do because what you want matters because noah was your friend they have equal amounts of trust and respect for each other and it's killing me and giving me life in the same breath this is never gonna stop also lets not mention the 'okay? okay.' part i mean i JUST mentioned it
Arctic Monkeys + Nick o'Malley she speaks full view the pics please bc the way he keeps his feet together is the cutest part oh my god it seems like he tries not to take up too much space all the time and that makes me sad but at the same time it is very Cute this is the most important post i have ever made he's so cute i'm Gone
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