• my gifs flint gi joe SamWinchester GI Joe Retaliation this gifset is very important dj cotrona the most important work i have ever done and i promised to tag nana in important things dj may regret gi joe but i never will llavelan •

a very important gifset

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my shit J.K Rowling i will never get over this THE ONLY REALLY IMPORTANT THING well done heyman there was ONE thing and you fucked it up
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This is the video I am most proud of.My cover of “Iris...
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happy birthday taemin! i am so proud of youuu! you've made it this far (LOL) look at you now look how much you have improved from the taemin with a jet black bowl cut hair lithe body and and chubby cheeks ;~; you look so good rn i am fucking clapping for your fitness instructor and your coughjonghyunhyungcough anyways I LOVE YOU SO MCUH YOU WILL NEVER KNOW TBH i love your voice your eyes your neck YOUR EVERYTHING stay as sweet as you are right now im aware that this letter of gratitude is kinda useless but whateva!!!!! i promise to support you till the end and shit THE FANS (+me) ARE ALWAYS HERE TO SUPPORT YOU OK WE GOT UR BACK have fun party hard drink lots n lots of hard liquor with ur hyungs and HAVE A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!
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* joe gilgun joseph gilgun i just felt kind of bad because iwan never got a word in :( joe kind of took over the whole interview but hey I loved it nathan got a few words in but still mainly joe