• my gifs kagerou project kagepro kisaragi shintaro lost time memory kuroha I'm sorry I had a craving for Route XX Shintaro you can tell who my favorite characters + their songs are by the amount of gifs I make of them tw??? I think korumi •
my gifs kagerou project kagepro kisaragi shintaro lost time memory kuroha Imy gifs kagerou project kagepro kisaragi shintaro lost time memory kuroha I
my gifs kagerou project kagepro kisaragi shintaro lost time memory kuroha I
my gifs kagerou project kagepro kisaragi shintaro lost time memory kuroha Imy gifs kagerou project kagepro kisaragi shintaro lost time memory kuroha I

I stain my hands to kill off the boring days,
because I chose to be “alone”…

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my gifs Grey's Anatomy just derek shepherd callie torres mark sloan so much love GA: S9 GA: 901 sofia robbin sloan torres i will miss you so so much it hasn't even sunk in yet when we lost lexie i was a mess i sobbed every night for 3 days straight now losing mark has been a silent cry i'm still in shock and to those who think people can't get attached to fictional characters well bye try loving characters who you can relate to who seemingly go through stuff you go through who you see every week and whose struggles you keep up with i'm so mad but most of all i'm grateful we had amazing seasons with both lexie and mark and now they're together for all of eternity this is made specially for the awesome vicky and sofia
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* pretty little liars gifs xx you know Ian Thomas Garrett Reynolds ugh i just iT HURTS OK and oh my god but sorry i just want to thank you two for making rosewood a creepy place while you were alive for giving me chills and making me smile anytime you were on my screen you two are the fucking best and i wish i could spend more time on this photoset and make something prettier and meaningfull meaningful* i don't have time for that because i know they were who they were because of reasons ian loved melissa he wasn't the bad guy everyone thought he was and garrett's love for jenna do i even need to say something about it he just loved her so much because he loved her blidlessly blindlessly* even if she treated him like trash she was the love of his life i have too much feelings for pretty much everyone i'm sorry :( ily you'll forever be in my heart ok
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doctor who David Tennant Georgia Moffett jonathan ross and now we're here And I was like does this even count as doctor who the functional use of tags escapes me look there came a point where i wasn't tired i didn't feel up to doing work for work maybe i should relearn to make gifs! that sounds like a productive use of my time! with six gifs titled boob ball 1 through 6 on my desktop i've completely lost control of any ability i had to make judicious use of my time can't say i'm mad about it though mediocre and mine
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pitch dreamworks sandman Signal Boost megamind Pitch Black north jack frost Dreamworks Animation rise of the guardians easter bunny tooth fairy tooth rotg bunnymund I'M SORRY TO THE PERSON WHO'S GIF I USED BUT PEOPLE LIKE IT SO IT WORKS IT MAKES IT EASIER TO REBLOG THIS
My dad has nicknames for all of The Avengers characters:
The L’Oreal brothers Male Katniss The green special snowflake who’s always pissed off Captain ”my skintight suit will make you feel uncomfortable” Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist The chick who got added in to make everything look less gay Robin HE SHOULDN’T HAVE DIED...
doctor who matt smith Eleven gifs* jenna louise coleman oswin oswald eleven x oswin i really think that memory has a lot to do with this season already as it has with the past two seasons because there has to be some relevance since the doctor told amy to 'make them remember you' and oswin tells the doctor to remember her with that troll smirk at the end so i refuse to believe that that was coincidence whether his other adventures lead him to figuring out some way to rescue oswin without creating a paradox or if it is him running into her earlier in their time stream or even if it's a case of spatial genetic multiplicity he has to remember her whoops sorry for the tag vomit and sorry for the quality of the first gif by: britt tag meta
my gifs doctor who amy pond Rory Williams made by me the angels take manhattan I would tag every episode in this gif under the sun but I won't oh amy it's all so pretty OH PONDS OH AMY BITTERSWEET but mostly a hole in my heart I can spend the longest times on gifsets I had another mini cry fest for each episode as I went through them to create the gifs that Rory last centurion one especially and Vincent
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