• my gifs mine tangled pascal i love him so much Disneyedit tanglededit *tangled this is so boring his face in the last gif right before he shakes his head i'm losing my touch with coloring snowwhties •
my gifs mine tangled pascal i love him so much Disneyedit tanglededit *tangled this is so boring his face in the last gif right before he shakes his head imy gifs mine tangled pascal i love him so much Disneyedit tanglededit *tangled this is so boring his face in the last gif right before he shakes his head i
my gifs mine tangled pascal i love him so much Disneyedit tanglededit *tangled this is so boring his face in the last gif right before he shakes his head imy gifs mine tangled pascal i love him so much Disneyedit tanglededit *tangled this is so boring his face in the last gif right before he shakes his head i

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my gifs mine tangled pascal i love him so much Disneyedit tanglededit *tangled this is so boring his face in the last gif right before he shakes his head i'm losing my touch with coloring
gif 1k mine tangled disney Tangled Ever After MY BABIES i love them so much Disneyedit tanglededit mulannetwork pocahontasnetwork look at them so cute i'm crying
johnlock sherlock bbc tjlc otp: i know you for real i'm crying because they just don't move a muscle for almost two seconds touching each other's hand holding it with love for one last time johnk thinking 'i can't say i'm in love with him but i still can touch him and try to express my feelings' 'even tho he will never notice because he's not in love with me' and sherlock thinking 'i can't confess my feelings i'm going to die in six months i don't want to break his heart again and he has mary' 'just let me take his hand one more time and touch his bare skin' IM DISSIPATING IN THE EAST WIND AS WE SPEAK
my gifs tangled disney Rapunzel Disneyedit tanglededit secondstarnetwork and yet another shitty coloring by me but i love this scene so much tho aasdshasj
my gif frozen im so mad Disneyedit look at the tiny smile that grows on his smug asshole face when he realises how easy it's going to be to trick this poor naive girl to fall in love with him
gifs* Pride and Prejudice mine* Oscar Isaac JUST IMAGINE! come on! austenedit papedit perioddramaedit i'm sorry but i'm very proud of it may i describe every scene i've imagined? ok the second gif is that scene when we met darcy and everyone is in love with him until they find he's proud and so look how proud he looks the third and the 4th are obviously darcy writing his letter to elizabeth and he's angry angry with himself for what he made with bingley and now not only his friend is unhappy because him but also he may have ruined his chances and of course angry with wickham that lil' piece of shit the 5th is darcy reflecting before going to longbourn with bingley and the 6th when elizabeth accepts his second proposal and he's statical for a second but my favorite is the 7th where darcy can't do a conversation oscar would be perfect as darcy and this is something that needs to happen he can make himself have a serious and severe appearance but actually he has puppy eyes he's a puppy person god made him to be darcy and once i'm dreaming may i request george blagden as bingley? for we all know he's a sweet and smiling person his cute face falling in love for a jane i'm going to implode! please someone make my dreams to come true
MY EDIT LOTR Frodo Baggins Samwise Gamgee lotredit frodo x sam sam's face is everything: *james bond theme* i'm his gardener and then he's like: take a look at my face take a look at it long and good this face says: i'm gonna fuck you up if you dare to breathe too close in his presence :-DD also sad stuff in my head (don't mind me i was butchering titanic ost along with celine dion things today lol) and i was thinking how protecting frodo is such an inseparable part of him HOW IT'S IN HIS VERY CORE and when frodo's gone how many times do you think he went to check on him in his room just to see the desk covered with rosie's cookies instead of usual scribbles of frodo how many times did he wake up at night not because of nightmare but because he always knew when frodo's having one and he needs to be there to reassure him they are here they are safe they are alive and it's really over how many times did he ask for him while making tea or stuffing his pipe with oldtoby or eating stew: mister frodo i saved some for you how many times before he learned there will be no answer before he remembered frodo is gone also that scene with witchking is so them :-( sam's struggling for him as darkness takes hold of him so firm and so completely frodo's there looking at horrors like at something divine filling him in the only thing filling the void growing in him and sam pleads for him to come back to come back to him don't go where i can't follow :-( i'm sorry i'm a trash and i need emotional detox *continues marathoning stuff*
mine Teen Wolf au Sterek mine: gifset mine: fic mine: au sinyhale dylanships stilinskisparkles thank you becky for looking over this for me!
my gifs mine 5000 5sos 5 seconds of summer Calum Hood calum *calum thoughtthesamething he is my peach my sun my earth i love his fingers his toes the back of his head & the tip of his nose in general im so inlove with calum thought youd love this............. ......  .....
mygifs free! nanase haruka matsuoka rin RinHaru i didn't realize until i had them all here that this shows how much their relationship has changed like the actions are similar but the intentions and reactions are so different now rin still looks at haru with that fond look that 'i have a massive crush and i'm going to marry you haru' look but this time haru does't turn around and tell rin that 'no. i wont swim with you' instead he smiles??? this tiny sweet smile and they both look so fond of each other and everything i'm crying and rin still waits for haru before the race. he waits and he doesn't deny it bc it's obvious he's there for haru but this time rin isn't slouched in his seat he's sitting all easy going and confident 'hey haru you're finally here. yeah i've just been leaning against the lockers waiting for you no big deal' and he isn't there to tell him essentially 'i'm better and i'll prove it and then it'll be over' anymore and in the fourth rows everything is so similar?? except its like the beginning and the end rin asking haru to swim in a relay and haru saying no that he doesn't care about times that he just wants to feel the water and thats it but this time rin is all 'i knew you could get fired up' and he looks so PROUD and haru doesn't leave this time he turns his head bc he's embarrassed bc rin is right. bc rin can get him fired up and caring about more than the water he's embarrassed and he turns his head but he's not rejecting or dismissing rin and the last ones??? where he's kind of saying the same thing that theres no gaurantee that haru will make it to the final and asking if haru still thinks he's the fastest in the water but he's not antagonistic this time. he's not saying 'dont disappoint me' he's acknowledging haru and telling him he needs more that he's gonna take his cool face and make it hot that he's gonna ignite that passion in haru ok and not snuff it out like in s1 the only think that never changs is haru reflected in rin's eyes haru gazing at rin and seeing himself reflected there rin always watching and focused on haru THIS GOT SO LONG BYE this is for you losers on twit who cried with me ok
Firefly Serenity Simon Tam personal fave Gena makes stuff Gena's gifs fireflyedit fsedits This coloring isn't even exaggerating. Simon really is in that much shadow. You can barely see his face. Poor Sean. Standing in the dark. This concept though. I'm sure one could argue the 'he's not connected to them' bit but I think of it in terms of 'Serenity' and how strained Simon's relationship is with the crew and his ongoing struggle to allow himself to be part of this family (out of fear in my opinion of this very thing they're discussing) and how twenty minutes before he made the decision to leave this group. In /that/ sense he isn't connected to them. He hasn't yet allowed himself to be. And it's cool to mark Simon as the outsider in this moment; as the odd one out through lighting. It makes me happy.
*gif Teen Wolf 2.08 Scott McCall isaac lahey twgif scisaac scott x isaac *all twedit gdi i searched for a gifset of this scene the whole day had to do it myself then bc i have things 2 say (this is becoming a mantra lately) also in slow motion bc then u can see the exact moment isaac fell in love but yeah no obvious shipping bias aside this is one of my fav moments of this show because it says so much about these two characters like look at isaac in the first 2 gifs this kid hasn't had anybody care for him in who knows how long so the idea that scott meant him when he said 'be careful' doesn't even cross his mind so absurd it is and when he realises scott was talking about his safety he is comepletely speechless bc at this point in his life literally no one cares about him like derek only turned him for his own selfish purposes and deals rather roughly with everyone on his new pack erica and boyd are friends with each other but not really with isaac or at least that's the feeling i get when i watch them interact and then you have scott right here who absolutely has no reason at all to give a shit about isaac bc really it's not as if isaac was ever nice to him (he even tried to kill scott's friends) but he does anyway because that's how scott is so yeah this scene is a huge thing for isaac bc this is the moment he realises that there might be ppl who care and that's why he puts so much trust in scott bc scott is literally the first person to show any concern for his well-being and i have so much more to say but it'd take up too much space and i'm crying now anyway bc these 2 reasons scott mccall is perfect tbh