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Jensen Ackles | 2014 Review

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my gifs spnedit jared and jensen Jensenedit jarededit j2gifs pls Jensen's so pleased with himself when he makes Jared laugh
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mine j2 dallascon jared and jensen cons2014 jensen's laugh
mine j2 jared and jensen j2edit Seacon seaCon16 Jared calls Danneel Dee such dorks!
my edits Misha Collins vicki vantoch vicki collins *couplesinlove Don't fret Danneel and Jensen are up next
MY EDIT Jared Padalecki jarededit Queue the Missiles JP50
fan: "congratulations on the baby, jensen." jensen: "am I showing?" jared puts his ear to jensen's s...
Thomas kept asking for his Uncle Jensen while Padaleckis were in England so Jensen recorded a small video of himself from LA and sent it to Jared.
misha made fun of jared’s acting (and his hair) misha wrote jensen as a metrosexual dude who is v ~sensitive~ misha wrote a mockumentary about a day in the life of spn but like somehow 70% was about jensen and how everybody loves him 10% was about how jared’s a douchey intimidating dude ...
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Jared text Jensen from London in New York to send Thomas a video because Tom kept asking about "Uncl...
mine j2 jared and jensen j2edit akf i think jensen's hair works on anyone :) jared's on the other hand is not for everyone