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Jensen Ackles | 2014 Review

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Misha Collins danneel harris
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Gag reel time! Jensen: "I'm sexy and I know it." Cut to Dean taking off shirt - but Jensen gets stuc...
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My art supernatural dean winchester sam winchester spn wintertime Brothers winchesters oh boys tegakie Winchester Brothers winterchesters I watched that video where Jared and Jensen were all bundled up again And they look so cold So you kind of feel bad for them But then you realise they are on set in Vancouver Then you laugh that they think it's cold Seriously they  were bundled like they were on a ski hill and it was -25 Even though it was maybe like -5 Elesteria Princesskittcatt
supernatural sam winchester Jared Padalecki gif1 oh man his tongue turns me on even more than jensen's omg idk asdfghjk
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