• my gifs my post Rooster Teeth RoosterTeeth gavin free Ray Narvaez jr. ryan haywood rt gif xray and vav the script writing is amazing hahaha and Ray's voice acting is the best see? i did gif still. i was just not in the mood earlier haha supercess •

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my edits gif set Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter gavin free michael jones Geoff Ramsey Jack Pattillo ryan haywood jeremy dooley omg michael lost it he was laughing so hard god bless lil j for the amazing editing on these vids
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my gifs my stuff Geoff Ramsey Jack Pattillo ryan haywood rtah rtedit rtextralife jeremy dooley matt bragg okay i'm not gonna tag everyone i've made a looot of gifs and the fact that i can usly only ten [in this case eleven] is killing meee *use
my gifs my stuff Achievement Hunter gavin free ryan haywood rtah rtedit Freewood team love n stuff ryan-themad-king i promised to tag you so here you go! also my internet is so fucking slow today ugh whyy
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© RoosterTeeth ryan haywood meg turney rtedit turnwood this is without a doubt the best most pure photoset I have ever made in my life
my stuff epilepsy warning Rooster Teeth RWBY RWBYedit rtedit rwby spoilers Velvet Scarlatina **rwby penny polendina rwby3 I actually gasped out Penny's name and nearly cried when Velvet did this
© Rooster Teeth shanna gavin free dan gruchy Slow Mo Guys rtedit a bit random but i've had this on my to-do list for ages and i finally got around to it also there's no real reason for the bonus gif except that meg is super cute so
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© Rooster Teeth ryan haywood meg turney free play rtedit turnwood this is sponsor only unfortunately but it was really cute there isn't anything that they didn't talk about during the free play ep so don't worry about missing anything if you can't watch it