• my gifs my stuff alexa chung anyway eyeko i'm pretty sure i did a similar gif some day ago drovvners •
my gifs my stuff alexa chung anyway eyeko i'm pretty sure i did a similar gif some day ago

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my gifs my stuff alexa chung anyway eyeko i'm pretty sure i did a similar gif some day ago
1k my gifs alexa chung I'm gonna cry alexa chung gif she's so pretty ;_: i have so much work to do
gif my stuff alexa chung
I made this alexa chung
anime or maybe not anyway anime gif snk shingeki no kyojin Mikasa Ackerman AOT GabriellaaCrosszeria attack on titan mikasa ikr her bday was like one week ago orz i'm so late omg i blame college but i had to make something to my waifu so it's kinda pretty i think asjdhf i'm not sure of anything anymore
b gintama hell yeah shimura shinpachi Hijikata Toushirou gintoki sakata right! so Happy Birthday fuyukai desu and argh well the rest baka gummy kagura-s I've spent so many nights on this redoing it again and again because I never felt satisfied with some gifs but I'm glad I did because I hate giving halfassed presents this has so much kagura in it but as you really like her too I'm SURE YOU WON'T MIDN not that you're allowed to anyway I'll put this in my q rn in case I won't have constant wifi abroad and can't contact you on the very day which is probably what you even PREFER HATING YOUR BDAY AND ALL but you know what that means right?? I'm allowed to ramble a bit in the tags I'm already in the middle of rambling actually did you even watch kyoukai no kanata I'm not sure I already forgot where I was going NOW THIS IS HOPELESS ABORT MISSION and I just remembered that you have dirty socks how am I supposed to come up with anything nice now geez but it's your birthday so I gotta force myself right? uhm 1. you were the main person to introduce me to gintama okay that's it enough nice stuff said for today NOW I CAN REST rest in peace so you can haunt me
my gif fashion style Model alexa chung alexa gif it girl she's so amazing fray id
pretty girl Black and White MY EDIT Model alexa chung
my gifs alexa chung babes matt hitt
doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith Alex Kingston river song i'm sorry One day 3k dwedit the doctor and river aflawedfashiongif affdw Some Day it will happen i don't know how to make happy gif sets guys i will make a conscious effort affdwlyrics quickly becoming the most depressing tag on my blog i'm actually a pretty happy person i just... like... sad things... i almost made this a whole pond family gif set but the colors didn't match right but this one has a similar atmosphere to the swingset one and the colors match better so it became this and I think it turned out better this way
snk attack on titan i'm sure someon already did this dumb gifs shall be my legacy
gif mine naruto itachi uchiha sasuke uchiha anyway Animes Narutogif *naruto uchiha brothers narutographic ok so i'm doing this... but it won't be in 30 days and i'm not doing it in order lol there's going to be a lot of gifsets for each day or category also i'm not gonna do everything 'cause there's some really stupid stuff like your least favorite_____ why would i want to dedicate my time doing stuff about my least favorite thing; person etc? ... this photoset took me ages argh naruto30